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Dream symbols starting with the letter G


Dream Dictionary · Places

How does your garden grow? If flowering and well cared for, it may symbolize fertility; creativity; ideas you are cultivating; the flourishing of your inner life. If not, it may represent an aspect of yourself that needs to be cultivated or fertilized or tended to. What do you need to weed out? A formal garden […]

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Buildings · Dream Dictionary

An opening or entryway, and therefore, entry into a new stage or way of life; the threshold between conscious or unconscious material. If you are able to open the gate and enter, it suggests readiness and success, perhaps the end of a crisis time. If you have difficulty opening it, where are you stuck? If […]

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Dream Dictionary · Nature · People, Characters

Primordial form of the spirit(soul); embodiment of the image creating activity of the unconscious. Depending on its massage or wisdom, it may represent the archetypal Wise Old Man or Woman. The spirit may also appear as a gnome, or boy, or talking animal. Is there something in your life that has about it a sense […]

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Gift, Giving

Actions, Feelings, Conditions · Dream Dictionary · Objects

Since all aspects of the dream are yourself, to get or to give a gift means you are attending to acknowledging yourself in some way. Consider what aspect of yourself is giving and what aspect is receiving, as well as the nature of the gift. It can refer to talents or skills that you have […]

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Girlfriend, exgirlfriend

Dream Dictionary · People, Characters

Dreaming of girlfriend can mean and be interpreted as your emotional feelings about her. It’s signifies part of yourself that is attached to the girlfriend. Dreaming of ex-girlfriend means there is part of yourself that is still attached to feelings and hopes of her. The ex-girlfriend or lover symbolizes all hopes of love that are […]

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Dream Dictionary · People, Characters

For a female dreamer, try to determine if the goddess, or a woman who has goddess like attributes, is a specific goddess, and consider the myth related to her. She could represent the activation of or need to activate, a particular kind of archetypal energy in your life, since, each god or goddess represents a […]

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Gold, Golden

Dream Dictionary · Nature · Objects

Something precious, perhaps royal; therefore, your own worth or high value; another’s value; a signal that you should reconsider the value of a relationship or situation. Gold is a solar symbol and relates to cycles; eternity; the divine or cosmic spirit or intelligence. In alchemy, it represented the final stage of transformation.

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Grandparent, Grandmother, Grandfather

Dream Dictionary · People, Characters

Dreaming of grandparents has meaning of heritage, ancient or outdated characteristics or behaviors. Your personal grandfather, or any elder person may symbolize the Wise Old Man archetype, your inner spirit. Interpretation of grandparents in dream points to the message that provides needed insight or wisdom. A grandmother or elder female may represent the Great Mother […]

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Dream Dictionary · Nature

Fertility; growth; the passage of time; cycles, especially if dead, dying or brown. If wild grass, it shares some of the same symbolise as fields. Lawn grass, well-kept and mowed, suggests feelings or personal growth that is controlled and or attended to. If overgrown or neglected, it may symbolize emotions or passions that are out […]

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Gun, Weapon

Dream Dictionary · Objects

Traditionally guns are symbols of aggression or anger toward others if you are using the gun or turned inward if you are being shot at. They can represent the penis; male sexual drive; ejaculation; issues of passiveness or aggressiveness, attack or defense, power or impotence, authority or dependence, masculine or feminine. Perhaps a waking situation […]

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