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Dream symbols starting with the letter Nature


Dream Dictionary · Nature · Places

Fertility; female genitals; the depth of the unconscious, especially if there is a stream flowing in the canyon; the passage of time; inner nature or history revealed. Negatively it can convey being walled in, stuck. Grand Canyon is an archetypal expression of Mother Earth, and the aspect of mothering that can be overwhelming.

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Dream Dictionary · Nature

Have you come to the edge or boundary of a situation and need to consider a change of direction? Perhaps a waking situation suggests danger or unfinished business or that you would made it to the heights. Do you now have, or is it, the time to consider a wider perspective? If you are looking […]

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Animals · Dream Dictionary · Nature

Crocodiles in your dream can represent danger or aggresiveness. If the crocodiles are concealed beneath the water they might also symbolize hidden animal instincts. Some psychologists say that crocodiles can represent the “devouring” aspect of one’s mother.

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Dark, Darkness

Dream Dictionary · Nature · Places

The womb; the unconscious;primal yearnings/urges (especially dark waters), hence the instincts; undeveloped potentiality out of which light (consciousness) arises; creativity; the cosmic nothingness out of which creation arose. It can symbolize a stage of ignorane/unknwoing, psychologically blind (in the dark) or hope (it’s always dark before dawn). Perhaps there is some issue to which you […]

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Diamond, Diamonds

Dream Dictionary · Nature · Objects

Information, possibly danger and or a need for caution; the quaternary, and therefore, anything with fourfold quality. The shape may also be related to baseball. As Diamonds as jewels it can signify purity; strength of character; attitudes of being hard or irrefutable. It is the birthstone of someone born in April. It also symbolizes something […]

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Dream Dictionary · Nature

Our origin’s; our home, the cosmic or personal womb, Earthy symbolizes instincts or instinctual behavior; natural; sexy. It may also symbolize that you are too up in the air and need to be more grounded or to come down to earth. It can symbolize the concepts of union and of opposites, as in heaven or […]

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Dream Dictionary · Nature

To dream of electricity, denotes there will be sudden changes about you, which will not afford you either advancement or pleasure. If you are shocked by it you will face a deplorable danger. To see live electrical wire, foretells that enemies will disturb your plans, which have given you much anxiety in forming. To dream […]

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Dream Dictionary · Nature

One of the four basic elements, fire is considered a masculine, active symbol, and a representative of our spirit or energy. It can represent immortality; resurrection; destructive, consuming forces; a source of nurturing and growth. It sometimes represents powerful or overwhelmingly emotion or motivation which can bring enlightenment or destruction; hence, it is related to […]

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Dream Dictionary · Nature

The release of emotions from the unconscious; intense emotions that may seem overwhelming. Pregnant women, women on the verge of starting their menstrual periods, and people with lung problems often dream of floods flooding.

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Actions, Feelings, Conditions · Dream Dictionary · Nature

For many of us, food symbolizes caring; nurturing; security. Consider the kind of food and the action you are taking with respect to it, are you eating it, feeding someone, being fed, preparing or serving a mean?. Is this typical waking behavior, or is it expressing a deficiency or need? Liquids, milk, soft or mushy […]

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Dream Dictionary · Nature · Plants

Ripeness; abundance; fertility; earthly desires; a project that is finally bearing fruit. It is related to the egg because at its center is the seed of the future. When cut open, some fruits (bananas, cucumbers, melons) exhibit the archetypal mandala shape (symbol of the Self) in the center. Forbidden or unreachable fruits may symbolize temptation. […]

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Dream Dictionary · Nature · People, Characters

Primordial form of the spirit(soul); embodiment of the image creating activity of the unconscious. Depending on its massage or wisdom, it may represent the archetypal Wise Old Man or Woman. The spirit may also appear as a gnome, or boy, or talking animal. Is there something in your life that has about it a sense […]

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Gold, Golden

Dream Dictionary · Nature · Objects

Something precious, perhaps royal; therefore, your own worth or high value; another’s value; a signal that you should reconsider the value of a relationship or situation. Gold is a solar symbol and relates to cycles; eternity; the divine or cosmic spirit or intelligence. In alchemy, it represented the final stage of transformation.

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Dream Dictionary · Nature

Fertility; growth; the passage of time; cycles, especially if dead, dying or brown. If wild grass, it shares some of the same symbolise as fields. Lawn grass, well-kept and mowed, suggests feelings or personal growth that is controlled and or attended to. If overgrown or neglected, it may symbolize emotions or passions that are out […]

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Dream Dictionary · Nature

 Just as water in a dream often represents emotions,  ice can symbolize a freezing, withholding, or repression of these emotions. Ice can also reflect the feeling of being “frozen” or paralyzed with fear, guilt, or other anxieties. The Freudians also suggest that ice in a dream can symbolize sexual frigidity or repressed sexual desires. Could […]

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