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Dream symbols starting with the letter People, Characters


Dream Dictionary · People, Characters

In its best sense, the appearance of an angel often precedes a revelation or insight and heralds the need for or represents the active process of spiritual transformation; a wisdom message. Angels represent invisible energy forces at work, which have become temporarily visible; therefore, unconscious material coming into consciousness. In metaphysics, angels have become devas, […]

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Dream Dictionary · People, Characters

A desire for a child; innocent or infantile aspect of the Self calling for attention/recognition; acknowledgment of a needy inner child; an expression of infantile desires you are not quite ready to abandon; concern about, caring for, or protecting someone younger, less competent, or less mature that you; new possibilities; a new project; a psychological […]

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Dream Dictionary · People, Characters

Unfinished business with your own boss; feelings about authority; power or dominance and dependence or self-confidence issues. Dreaming about a past boss may suggest a way to handle a current situation. Are you or another being too bossy?

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Boyfriend, Exboyfriend, Lover

Dream Dictionary · People, Characters

This represents your emotional feelings of attachment towards your boyfriend. It can also represent the difficulties and struggles with sexual feelings connected with your boyfriend. The dream might signify some insight into his behavior and your relationship. If you are dreaming of ex-boyfriend or ex-lover it represents your feelings and hopes related to him. Usually […]

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Dream Dictionary · People, Characters · Places

Wanting to be more in touch with nature; being independent or self-sufficient; self-survival; recognition of basic needs; a quest initiation. Camping vehicles may symbolize a gypsy adventure attitude; holding open the option of moving on if a situation, doesn’t fit you. A tent city may symbolize a sense of homelessness lack of belonging, loss of […]

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Child/ Children

Dream Dictionary · People, Characters

If not your own child, it may represent your inner child; unfinished growth processes within you; a childish part of you that is reacting to a waking situation. It can represent your own child and wishes for that child; perceptions about your child; your own childhood needs awakened by actions of your real child.   […]

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Demon, Devil, Monster, Zombie

Dream Dictionary · People, Characters

The Freudian view is that demons represent repressed infantile sexual feelings, likely incestuous ones toward out parents. For Jungians, they represent a projected negative aspect of the anima or animus, someone whom you perceive as a threat and are attempting, or wish, to avoid, when, in fact, that power or energy is also a part […]

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Disfigure, Disfigured

Actions, Feelings, Conditions · Dream Dictionary · People, Characters

If the tthrear of disfigurement is to you, it suggest anxiety about losing your identity or persona. If someone else is disfigured, what aspect of your has been wounded? Also, ugly or unacceptable aspects of yourself.

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Actions, Feelings, Conditions · Dream Dictionary · People, Characters

Most authorities agree that dreams during divorce show the stress of the experience. Long after the divorce, stress that has elements similar to what you went through during the divorce, often a situation in which you wonder if you have made a mistake, or in which you are treated similarly to the way you were […]

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Dream Dictionary · People, Characters

An authrotiy figure; possibly a wisdom archetype (the Wise Old Man), depending on the doctor’s appearance or behavior. Is there an incident in your waking life that has triggered feelings about authority? Is the doctor a disguise for an expert in another field from your waking life? Perhaps there is an apsect of your life […]

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Dream Dictionary · House · People, Characters

In general, dreaming of a family member represents the relationship between you and that person. It can reflect worries about the relationship; disharmony; interpersonal tensions; projections (aspects of yourself) you have directed onto your relative. Parents may represent your attitudes toward authority; wisdom or rules or attitudes you have been taught; ways in which you […]

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Dream Dictionary · People, Characters

Traditional values; religious philosophy; patriarchal values, as opposed to personal masculine power or energy; issue or relationship with your personal father. Archetypally, he can represent Jung’s collective consciousness, our cultural or societal awareness and spirit.

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Dream Dictionary · Nature · People, Characters

Primordial form of the spirit(soul); embodiment of the image creating activity of the unconscious. Depending on its massage or wisdom, it may represent the archetypal Wise Old Man or Woman. The spirit may also appear as a gnome, or boy, or talking animal. Is there something in your life that has about it a sense […]

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Girlfriend, exgirlfriend

Dream Dictionary · People, Characters

Dreaming of girlfriend can mean and be interpreted as your emotional feelings about her. It’s signifies part of yourself that is attached to the girlfriend. Dreaming of ex-girlfriend means there is part of yourself that is still attached to feelings and hopes of her. The ex-girlfriend or lover symbolizes all hopes of love that are […]

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Dream Dictionary · People, Characters

For a female dreamer, try to determine if the goddess, or a woman who has goddess like attributes, is a specific goddess, and consider the myth related to her. She could represent the activation of or need to activate, a particular kind of archetypal energy in your life, since, each god or goddess represents a […]

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