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Dream symbols starting with the letter Places

Amusement Parks/Carnival/Disneyland

Dream Dictionary · Places

An amusement park with people, lights, rides and games may be a call to distraction, or a signal that you need to consider adding enjoyment, expansion, and variety to your life. It may represent a current challenge yourself a little more. Consider everything in the park as expression some aspect of yourself, and have some […]

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Actions, Feelings, Conditions · Dream Dictionary · Places

Whose birthday is it and how do you feel about it? Birthdays can symbolize the passage of time(cycles); a return to better times (if an earlier birthday); family festivity, celebration, and connection; an expression of individuality and growth. Dreams of birth-day parties, which might be wild celebrations or where the father might be rejected, are […]

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Dream Dictionary · Objects · Places

Limits; restrictions; a need to restrain your actions or feelings or keep them in check (setting boundaries).   Consider the strength of the boundaries, their collapsibility, and whether or not they need repair. Are you feeling restricted by resent or early parental restrictions? Is it time to break out of those boundaries and look to […]

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Dream Dictionary · Objects · Places

Going under a bridge suggests delving into unconscious material; a need or fear of dealing with instinctual material. Crossing a bridge over water may be a way to avoid unconscious material or may symbolize using the intellect to arrive at a decision or behavior; sexual intercourse. A bridge can symbolize a need or willingness to: […]

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Dream Dictionary · People, Characters · Places

Wanting to be more in touch with nature; being independent or self-sufficient; self-survival; recognition of basic needs; a quest initiation. Camping vehicles may symbolize a gypsy adventure attitude; holding open the option of moving on if a situation, doesn’t fit you. A tent city may symbolize a sense of homelessness lack of belonging, loss of […]

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Dream Dictionary · Places

Feminine symbol; the birth canal; passageway; direction; access to inner emotions or goals. How are you progressing along the canal? With ease or difficulty, guided or pulled by someone? Some believe that dreams in which you are having difficulty traversing a canal reflect memories of your birth experience. Is your creativity momentarily stuck in its […]

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Dream Dictionary · Nature · Places

Fertility; female genitals; the depth of the unconscious, especially if there is a stream flowing in the canyon; the passage of time; inner nature or history revealed. Negatively it can convey being walled in, stuck. Grand Canyon is an archetypal expression of Mother Earth, and the aspect of mothering that can be overwhelming.

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Buildings · Dream Dictionary · Places

With its moat and towers, a castle can symbolize an aspect of yourself that’s walled off or on the watch for attack; your psychological defenses (is it strong or crumbling?). How limited is your psychological or emotional movement, your choice of direction? How powerful or vulnerable do you feel; are you secure or under siege? […]

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Dream Dictionary · Places

Your path to the inner world; finding the way through your psyche and or the fear that you will get lost therein; buried or ancient attitudes or training.   See labyrinth and tomb.

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Buildings · Dream Dictionary · Places

In Jungian terms, a cave symbolizes the unconscious (dark secret). To enter and explore is to gain the process of awareness or transformation or individuation. As a dark place to enter or leave, cave is also a symbol of the womb, and can represent mother; the feminine the vagina; sex; the birth process. In myth […]

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Buildings · Dream Dictionary · Places

To dream of being in a beautiful and well-kept cemetery, you will have unexpected news of the recovery of one whom you had mourned as dead, and you will have your title good to lands occupied by usurpers. To see an old bramble grown and forgotten cemetery, you will live to see all your loved […]

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Court, Courtroom

Buildings · Dream Dictionary · Places

If you are in court, consider, first, what role you play: judge, attorney, the accused, a witness, a jury members; spectator. It could be related to your ability to make judgments or decisions; aspects of your behavior attitudes you think need defending; some person or situation you need to defend. If you are the criminal […]

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Dark, Darkness

Dream Dictionary · Nature · Places

The womb; the unconscious;primal yearnings/urges (especially dark waters), hence the instincts; undeveloped potentiality out of which light (consciousness) arises; creativity; the cosmic nothingness out of which creation arose. It can symbolize a stage of ignorane/unknwoing, psychologically blind (in the dark) or hope (it’s always dark before dawn). Perhaps there is some issue to which you […]

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Actions, Feelings, Conditions · Dream Dictionary · Places

To dream that you are at an election, foretells you will engage in some controversy which will prove detrimental to your social or financial standing.

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Farm, Farmer

Buildings · Dream Dictionary · Places

A dream about a farm can be interpreted as nurturing and cultivating aspects of yourself. Perhaps the time is ripe for some project or idea to reach harvest. A farmer can sometimes represent an archetypal pattern at work. If the farm in your dream is neglected or in disrepair, your dream may be calling attention […]

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