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Dream Symbol: Garden

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Dream meaning: Garden

GardenHow does your garden grow? If flowering and well cared for, it may symbolize fertility; creativity; ideas you are cultivating; the flourishing of your inner life. If not, it may represent an aspect of yourself that needs to be cultivated or fertilized or tended to. What do you need to weed out?
A formal garden may symbolize order or symmetry; following the rules. If square or round, it may symbolize a mandala, hence the blossoming of the Self. A walled garden may symbolize private parts of yourself that you are keeping secret or protecting from others. Especially in the dreams of pubescent girls, a small mound or Hill in the garden may symbolize the mons veneris, the area where public hair grows.
Gardens also symbolize balance or harmony; the divine order (to garden is to get in touch with the spirit of the land); the union of the divine and the material; mastery over nature, hence over instincts. Consider your personal symbolism of the plants growing in the garden for additional clues.
It is common for pregnant women to dream of incredibly fertile gardens with exotic or richly blooming flowers and luscious fruits, all symbolizing the body’s creative powers during this time.

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