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Dream Symbol: Gift, Giving

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Dream meaning: Gift, Giving

Gift Since all aspects of the dream are yourself, to get or to give a gift means you are attending to acknowledging yourself in some way. Consider what aspect of yourself is giving and what aspect is receiving, as well as the nature of the gift. It can refer to talents or skills that you have yet to realize or utilize. If you receive the gift, in your waking associating, ask yourself, if I could place this gift anywhere in my body, where would it go and how should I use it? This may give you additional clues as to its meaning.
If the giver or receiver is someone you know in waking life, then the symbolism also related to elements of that relationship: needing or receiving support; giving or receiving support; giving yourself to another, which may reflect genuineness or impulsiveness or recklessness; the give and take of a relationship or its sexual aspects.
If the gift is negative, consider whether: someone has given you away betrayed you; you have given your away; you feel emotionally discarded or discounted. The gift may relate to issues you have about acceptance; what you or another have to offer; neediness or independence issues.

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