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Dream symbols starting with the letter F


Dream Dictionary · Objects · Places

Limits; restrictions; a need to restrain your actions or feelings or keep them in check (setting boundaries).   Consider the strength of the boundaries, their collapsibility, and whether or not they need repair. Are you feeling restricted by resent or early parental restrictions? Is it time to break out of those boundaries and look to […]

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Actions, Feelings, Conditions · Dream Dictionary

To dream that you sustain a fall, and are much frightened, denotes that you will undergo some great struggle, but will eventually rise to honor and wealth; but if you are injured in the fall, you will encounter hardships and loss of friends.

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Dream Dictionary · House · People, Characters

In general, dreaming of a family member represents the relationship between you and that person. It can reflect worries about the relationship; disharmony; interpersonal tensions; projections (aspects of yourself) you have directed onto your relative. Parents may represent your attitudes toward authority; wisdom or rules or attitudes you have been taught; ways in which you […]

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Farm, Farmer

Buildings · Dream Dictionary · Places

A dream about a farm can be interpreted as nurturing and cultivating aspects of yourself. Perhaps the time is ripe for some project or idea to reach harvest. A farmer can sometimes represent an archetypal pattern at work. If the farm in your dream is neglected or in disrepair, your dream may be calling attention […]

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Dream Dictionary · People, Characters

Traditional values; religious philosophy; patriarchal values, as opposed to personal masculine power or energy; issue or relationship with your personal father. Archetypally, he can represent Jung’s collective consciousness, our cultural or societal awareness and spirit.

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Body Parts

To dream of seeing your own feet, is ominous of despair. You will be overcome by the will and temper of another. To see others’ feet, denotes that you will maintain your rights in a pleasant, but determined way, and win for yourself a place above the common walks of life. To dream that you […]

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Actions, Feelings, Conditions · Dream Dictionary

To dream that you engage in a fight may reflect conflict in real life – with friends, family, or co-workers.  Fighting could also symbolize an internal conflict, such as a moral dilemma – conscience battling against selfish desire, for example. There are other types of inner conflicts as well, such as tensions between opposing personality […]

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Body Parts

To dream of seeing your fingers soiled or scratched, with the blood exuding, denotes much trouble and suffering. You will despair of making your way through life. To see beautiful hands, with white fingers, denotes that your love will be requited and that you will become renowned for your benevolence. To dream that your fingers […]

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Body Parts

Fingernails in your dream can sometimes be like an animal’s claws. They may be defensive weapons. If you dream of your nails falling out, it could mean that you are concerned about you ability to defend against some kind of emotional attack or aggression. If you simply notice your fingernails in a dream, it could […]

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Dream Dictionary · Nature

One of the four basic elements, fire is considered a masculine, active symbol, and a representative of our spirit or energy. It can represent immortality; resurrection; destructive, consuming forces; a source of nurturing and growth. It sometimes represents powerful or overwhelmingly emotion or motivation which can bring enlightenment or destruction; hence, it is related to […]

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Fish, Fishing

Actions, Feelings, Conditions · Animals · Dream Dictionary

For Jung, fish were symbols of some content from the unconscious, emotions, or life energy that is been stirring around in the unconscious from the beginning of our life. Therefore, fishing represents the search for, or process of becoming aware of, material from the unconscious. In this way fish can also symbolize the Self, or […]

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Dream Dictionary · Nature

The release of emotions from the unconscious; intense emotions that may seem overwhelming. Pregnant women, women on the verge of starting their menstrual periods, and people with lung problems often dream of floods flooding.

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Dream Dictionary · Plants

Women tend to have more dreams about flowers than men. They may symbolize the woman herself; her budding sexuality; the first sexual act; the flowering of new energies or ideas. Some flowers resemble women’s sexual organs, while many resemble a mandala, the symbol of the Self. Consider how you feel about flowers in general and […]

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Actions, Feelings, Conditions · Dream Dictionary

For most of us, flying dream mean out body rises from the earth, but flying can also be symbolized by being inside flying vehicles, in which case you are usually not flying under your own power. In the Freudian view, flying represents exhibitionists wishes or tendencies; sexual pleasure; the desire to recapture childhood experiences of […]

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Actions, Feelings, Conditions · Dream Dictionary · Nature

For many of us, food symbolizes caring; nurturing; security. Consider the kind of food and the action you are taking with respect to it, are you eating it, feeding someone, being fed, preparing or serving a mean?. Is this typical waking behavior, or is it expressing a deficiency or need? Liquids, milk, soft or mushy […]

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