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Dream symbols starting with the letter Animals


Animals · Dream Dictionary

Because they hibernate, bears can symbolize cycles; birth death awakening motif; power or overpowering (the big as bear); your own cyclic activity or abilities. Is it time for your to awaken into activity, or to hibernate and renew your energy? Mythologically, bears represent mothering – the archetype of the Great Bear. In Greek mythology the […]

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Animals · Dream Dictionary

Beaver in a dream can mean that you are overextending yourself or that you have not been busy enought and need to get down to business. As a water animal, the beaver is especially symbolic of the workings of the unconscious. It can symbolize a damming up of emotions. Maybe the dream is suggesting need […]

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Bug, Bugs

Animals · Dream Dictionary

Dreaming of bug suggests sexual thoughts, worries or anxieties and nudges from your conscience. This dream could also mean strong emotionall involvement or attraction to an interest or career. Other possible interpretations include gossip and special information.

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Animals · Dream Dictionary

Instinctual energy that is been tamed and is relatively close to consciousness; feminine power or energy; the feminine archetype; the immature or coy feminine (kitten); female genitals. Other characteristics or aspects of yourself or another that cats may symbolize include: devouring or playful:snugly or independent; graceful; lazy or pouncing; stalking; patient; snide. Traditionally cats are […]

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Animals · Dream Dictionary

Historically chickens have been favorite sacrificial tokens, so your dream could symbolize a request for a message, or for propitiation. Could there be something you are being cowardly or chicken about? Are you being warned not to count your chickens until they are hatched. Perhaps you are feeling anxious about the consequences of some action. […]

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Animals · Dream Dictionary · Nature

Crocodiles in your dream can represent danger or aggresiveness. If the crocodiles are concealed beneath the water they might also symbolize hidden animal instincts. Some psychologists say that crocodiles can represent the “devouring” aspect of one’s mother.

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Animals · Dream Dictionary

To dream of a deer suggests some aspect of yourself that you keep private or someone in your life very dear to you. If deer is chased or under attack it suggests some situation in your life where you are threatened and must defend your self, but feeling helpless. A deer in dream can also […]

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Dog, Dogs, Puppy

Animals · Dream Dictionary

Dogs symbolize loyalty or fidelity, especially to your own values or intentions; therefore, your ability to go foreward in the world from a staong internal base. Dogs guard treasure, so their apperance may indicate a treasure (skill, knowledge) you have ignored forgotten that needs to be activated, or has the potention to be activated; some […]

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Animals · Dream Dictionary

The soul; peace; the Holy GHost in Christianity. A dove mates for life, and therefore, it can symbolize your mate; love marriage; commitment; or wanting any of these. See birds.

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Animals · Dream Dictionary

Soaring; free; majestic; grandeur; independence; height; one’s inner spirit or spirituality. Are you flying high? The eagle is a bird of light, messages made clear as opposed to birds of the night or shadow. As a solar bird, is symbolizes self-renewal. In the Middle Ages and in alchemy, it was equated with the phoenix, also […]

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Animals · Dream Dictionary

Strength; endurance; with an upturned trunk, good luck. In ancient times, the shape of an elephant in geological or cloud formations represented the world axis. Probably the most well known elephants are the cartoon Dumbo, which may symbolize immaturity or the ability to escape the mundane by flying, and Kindu God Ganesh, son of Shiva, […]

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Fish, Fishing

Actions, Feelings, Conditions · Animals · Dream Dictionary

For Jung, fish were symbols of some content from the unconscious, emotions, or life energy that is been stirring around in the unconscious from the beginning of our life. Therefore, fishing represents the search for, or process of becoming aware of, material from the unconscious. In this way fish can also symbolize the Self, or […]

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Animals · Dream Dictionary

Folklore foxes are often portrayed as clever, trickster figures, so a dream fox may represent the cunning, sly as a fox aspect of you or another. A reddish fox may represent a redheaded person in your life, especially one who also has foxy or sexy attributes, or your own desire to be foxy. Is there […]

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Animals · Dream Dictionary

Early unpleasant memories; anxieties or fears or guilt about past thoughts or activities; past hurts or traumas. A haunted house is filled with unfinished emotional business, possibly related to; your childhood, repressed or unacknowledged memories or feelings. See animals, ghost.

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Animals · Dream Dictionary · Objects

Many gods or goddesses were depicted with horns, so horns can relate to issues of divinity; spirituality; awesome power. Horned female deities were related to the moon or lunar aspects of the personality. If associated with a male or animal they may relate to male vitality or sexual energy; possibly fear and need to protect […]

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