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Dream symbols starting with the letter Plants


Dream Dictionary · Plants

Women tend to have more dreams about flowers than men. They may symbolize the woman herself; her budding sexuality; the first sexual act; the flowering of new energies or ideas. Some flowers resemble women’s sexual organs, while many resemble a mandala, the symbol of the Self. Consider how you feel about flowers in general and […]

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Dream Dictionary · Places · Plants

The unconscious; the unknown; the hidden or mysterious; secrets; fertility. It may contain or represent, wild animals (instincts), fairies or elemental beings (unconscious energy), the potential for physical or spiritual healing, inner guide. It can refer to innocence (a babe in the woods) or to a situation not yet resolved. You may be so bogged […]

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Dream Dictionary · Nature · Plants

Ripeness; abundance; fertility; earthly desires; a project that is finally bearing fruit. It is related to the egg because at its center is the seed of the future. When cut open, some fruits (bananas, cucumbers, melons) exhibit the archetypal mandala shape (symbol of the Self) in the center. Forbidden or unreachable fruits may symbolize temptation. […]

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Dream Dictionary · Plants

To dream of eating pears, denotes poor success and debilitating health. To admire the golden fruit upon graceful trees, denotes that fortune will wear a more promising aspect than formerly. To dream of gathering them, denotes pleasant surprises will follow quickly upon disappointment. To preserve them, denotes that you will take reverses philosophically. Baking them, […]

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Dream Dictionary · Plants

Dreaming of eating peas, augurs robust health and the accumulation of wealth. Much activity is indicated for farmers and their women folks. To see them growing, denotes fortunate enterprises. To plant them, denotes that your hopes are well grounded and they will be realized. To gather them, signifies that your plans will culminate in good […]

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Plant, Plants

Dream Dictionary · Nature · Plants

Growth or potential for growth; energy; spiritual development; fertility; the expression of loving care. The opposite of the foregoing if dying or not in a good condition. Possibly one’s children, especially if estranged from them. See also garden, flowers.

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Dreaming of potatoes, brings incidents often of good. To dream of digging them, denotes success. To dream of eating them, you will enjoy substantial gain. To cook them, congenial employment. Planting them, brings realization of desires. To see them rotting, denotes vanished pleasure and a darkening future.

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Dream Dictionary · Plants

Rose in a dream is symbol of the Self. It is a common symbol in Western esoteric traditions. The rose in an enclosed garden is similar to the Grail quest, to the search for paradise and wholeness. In Christian symbolism, the rose is the supreme symbol of Mary, the mother of Jesus. Roses are related […]

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Dream Dictionary · Nature · Plants

Having a dream about tree or with tree in it signifies your state of psychological or physical health. Your cyclic energy or the process of self-development or individuation. Consider the tree’s condition. Different parts of tree represent different parts of yourself, like for example roots represent heritage, unconscious, branches represent your family, and the fruit […]

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Dream Dictionary · Plants

To dream of eating vegetables, is an omen of strange luck. You will think for a time that you are tremendously successful, but will find to your sorrow that you have been grossly imposed upon. Withered, or decayed vegetables, bring unmitigated woe and sadness. For a young woman to dream that she is preparing vegetables […]

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