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Dream symbols starting with the letter O

Oar, Oars

Dream Dictionary · Objects

In Freudian symbolic, a phallic symbol, so rowing would symbolize sexual intercourse. Masculine strength dipping into the waters of the feminine; consciousness dipping into intuition or the unconscious; a traditional symbol of creative thought and the cosmic word.   By its action, it can raise awareness or disturb tranquility. It suggests that something is making […]

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Dream Dictionary · Nature · Places

Ocean carries much of the vast unconscious reserve; the collective unconscious; the depth of our emotions; memories; the mother of primordial womb; the cosmic source or primordial mother. It can symbolize universal life; transitional forces at work; endless possibilities or potentiality. Ocean relates to the expansiveness, potential and storehouse of our being. Depending on how […]

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Buildings · Dream Dictionary · Places

Your work or profession, or status within it; mental activity; emotional effort; creative ideas or accomplishments. Actual colleagues in your waking workplace may symbolize aspects of your relationship with them, including difficulties or support. Were things tidy or messy? Could your dream be referring to order, or lack of it, in your life; or ability […]

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Old, Old Man, Old Woman

Actions, Feelings, Conditions · Dream Dictionary · People, Characters

According to Jung, everything old hints at some change about to occur, something coming, a transition. How did you feel about the person or object that was old? If an object, what condition was it in and how did you react to that? Is there something in your waking life that you need to value […]

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Actions, Feelings, Conditions · Dream Dictionary · Nature

Color: The color orange can represent different feelings or emotions. Did thecolor seem harsh? If so, it could represent feelings of aggression. If it was awarmer shade it could stand for life, conciousness, or even religious feelings(like the sun). Have you been feeling down lately? If so, orange may be a signthat you are coming […]

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Actions, Feelings, Conditions · Dream Dictionary · People, Characters

The activity or interactions of a group that form or result in a harmonious whole; inner integration. Members of the orchestra may represent various aspects of yourself inner resources. The orchestra could symbolize your family; working or professional relationships; any group with which you are involved and with whom you make beautiful music together.

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Animals · Dream Dictionary

Longtime symbolism include death; spiritual darkness. Related activities of the night sexual or otherwise, it therefore shares some of the same symbolism as night or moon. It is the symbol of Athena (goddess of learning), it can relate to Wise Old Man archetypes. Some of our idioms suggest its relationship to wisdom or balancing intellect […]

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Ox, oxen

Animals · Dream Dictionary

Strength; burdensome work or task; self-sacrifice carrying the yoke of others actions; cosmic forces. See bull.

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