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Dream symbols starting with the letter M

Demon, Devil, Monster, Zombie

Dream Dictionary · People, Characters

The Freudian view is that demons represent repressed infantile sexual feelings, likely incestuous ones toward out parents. For Jungians, they represent a projected negative aspect of the anima or animus, someone whom you perceive as a threat and are attempting, or wish, to avoid, when, in fact, that power or energy is also a part […]

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Hotel, Motel

Buildings · Dream Dictionary · Places

Transition; a time in your life when things are moving or changing; a temporary situation; a feeling of not belonging, possibly of being uprooted, diminished feelings of security. Consider the condition of the hotel and the activities occurring for additional clues.

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Actions, Feelings, Conditions · Dream Dictionary · Nature

Having magical powers represents the capacity to get what you want, to make your dreams come true. It may represent your own special, unique abilities; a reaction to feelings of powerlessness in waking life; a need for control; the infantile wish to get what you want without having to work for it. Magical abilities often […]

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Dream Dictionary · Objects

Mail has to do with messages; therefore the dream may relate to messages from your unconscious or inner wisdom. It may relate to your need to communicate with others; pass on your ideas; teach your concepts or beliefs; maintain or reestablish contact with someone from your present or past. Is there a situation in which […]

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Man, Men

Dream Dictionary · People, Characters

The meaning of a particular man, or men, in your dreams varies considerably with the setting, other characters, action, and any other apparent symbolic in the dream. If known to you, a male can refer directly to concerns or issues or feelings you have regarding him; or he could represent another, possibly new, man in […]

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Marketplace, Store

Dream Dictionary · Places

The repository of physical or emotional needs and resources so consider the specific items you are shopping for; the role you are playing; and what you select or reject. It can be related to acquisition needs; difficulties obtaining what you want or need; the variety of choices available. Acquiring or purchasing food suggests a need […]

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Mask, Masks

Dream Dictionary · Objects

Our person or facade; a temporary identity you would like to try on; an inability to show, or lack of recognition of, your true or inner self; a need to hide some aspect of yourself. During pre-Lenten European or South American festivals, masks are often used to boldy portray shadow aspects, thereby allowing us to […]

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Animals · Dream Dictionary · Nature · Objects

Our animal or physical nature; sexual slang for the penis. If raw, it can reflect our untamed, basic nature; if cooked civilizing influences. As a food, it can represent our physical satisfactions or emotional needs.

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Medicine, Medication

Actions, Feelings, Conditions · Dream Dictionary

A concern with taking care of some aspect of yourself, or another; nurturing; getting well physically or psychologically; a situation that’s left a bad taste in your mouth; the need to face to or accept certain situations or consequences that may ultimately lead to more positive results. It may be related to fear about getting, […]

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Animals · Dream Dictionary

Mother’s milk, the primal noursihment. Feeding or giving another milk may symbolize giving basic life energy, nurturing at an elemental or primal level; a need to restore yourself in some basic ways. Milk suggests that a present situation may have awakened some old, early fears or anxieties or needs. Perhaps you are milking a situation […]

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Dream Dictionary · Objects

Dream interpretation of money suggests personal energy; inner resources; acquisition or materialistic issues; the cost of a relationship or situation; a need to be regarded as worthwhile. If you lose money, consider what emotional losses you may have incurred or fear you will incur in a waking situation. Finding money suggests you are feeling inadequate, […]

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Animals · Dream Dictionary

Dreaming of monkey can be interpreted as foolishness, thoughtlessness and being ruled by impulses in your waking life. Monkey has also meaning of one’s instincts, expression of frivolous emotion or impulsive difficult-to-control urges, greediness and being self centered. Are you follower in a group, are you mimicking other people? It can mean being irrational meaning […]

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Moon, Moonlight

Dream Dictionary · Nature

The moon has long been a feminine symbol and the symbol the certain goddesses, although in some cultures and religions, the moon is masculine. It represents emotional flux, cycles, and may refer to a woman’s monthly cycle. Moonlight is related to a need for rest, withdrawal or contemplation, romance, and magic. In metaphysics the moon […]

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Dream Dictionary · People, Characters

Your personal mother and any psychological or unfinished issues related to her; archetypal images buried when we are born, hence, the collective unconscious; the anima of a male dreamer; the place of origin, paradise; the womb. When we dream of mother during physical illness she can represent our basic physiological or somatic functions, and therefore […]

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Motorbike, Motorcycle, Motor

Dream Dictionary · Vehicles

Dreaming of motorcycle or motorbike can be interpreted as energy, freedom and aspect of your sexuality. It signifies a need for escape and adventure. Dream of motorbike means youthful drive and motivation, this points to restlessness and sexual urges in your waking life. Possibly a need for independence.

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