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Dream symbols starting with the letter H


Body Parts · Dream Dictionary

Longstanding biblical and fairytale symbolism equates hair with masculine power or energy. The story of Samson who lost his power when Delilah cut off his hair is a well known example. When associated with the head, hair can reflect intellectual processes; the projection of unconscious thoughts or fantasies. In some cases it may represent someone […]

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Hand, Hands

Body Parts · Dream Dictionary

Hands connect us with people, with the world, and are used in creative projects. If emphasized in a dream, consider their position, potential action, and any special decoration for additional clues. In Jungian theory left hands symbolize feminine or receptive attributes, right hands symbolize masculine or active attributes. They are the agency of consciousness and […]

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Animals · Dream Dictionary

Early unpleasant memories; anxieties or fears or guilt about past thoughts or activities; past hurts or traumas. A haunted house is filled with unfinished emotional business, possibly related to; your childhood, repressed or unacknowledged memories or feelings. See animals, ghost.

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Body Parts · Dream Dictionary

The seat of understanding; the rational or thinking part of you; consciousness; wisdom; memories. Is there a waking situation in which you are heading in the wrong direction; have or need to keep your head above water; need to head off trouble? Consider any special decoration to the head or face, or special coverings for […]

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Actions, Feelings, Conditions · Dream Dictionary

To dream that you have hidden away any object, denotes embarrassment in your circumstances. To find hidden things, you will enjoy unexpected pleasures. For a young woman to dream of hiding objects, she will be the object of much adverse gossip, but will finally prove her conduct orderly.

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Actions, Feelings, Conditions · Dream Dictionary

To dream of the hide of an animal, denotes profit and permanent employment.

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High School

Dream Dictionary · Places

To dream of a high school, foretells ascension to more elevated positions in love, as well as social and business affairs. For a young woman to be suspended from a high school, foretells she will have troubles in social circles.

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Body Parts · Dream Dictionary

To dream that you admire well-formed hips, denotes that you will be upbraided by your wife. For a woman to admire her hips, shows she will be disappointed in love matters. To notice fat hips on animals, foretells ease and pleasure. For a woman to dream that her hips are too narrow, omens sickness and […]

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Holiday, Holidays

Actions, Feelings, Conditions · Dream Dictionary · Places

A need for a break or rest; expectations or anxiety about an upcoming holiday; release from responsibility or increased labor(depending on personal experience). Consider the symbolism of specific persons or activities, the ease or difficulty surrounding the holiday, to determine whether they relate to feelings of worth; family issues; other typical attitudes which you need […]

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Buildings · Dream Dictionary · House · Places

If your current home, it may reflect whatever feelings or needs you have about it (security or safety)? Dream interpretation of your home may be an image for anything that is basic to you; your values, goals; family or love relationships. Past homes, especially childhood ones, may reflect aspects of yourself that were prominent during […]

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Dream Dictionary · Objects

To dream that you hear the sound of a horn, foretells hasty news of a joyful character. To see a broken horn, denotes death or accident. To see children playing with horns, denotes congeniality in the home. For a woman to dream of blowing a horn, foretells that she is more anxious for marriage than […]

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Animals · Dream Dictionary · Objects

Many gods or goddesses were depicted with horns, so horns can relate to issues of divinity; spirituality; awesome power. Horned female deities were related to the moon or lunar aspects of the personality. If associated with a male or animal they may relate to male vitality or sexual energy; possibly fear and need to protect […]

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Actions, Feelings, Conditions · Dream Dictionary

To dream of having your horoscope drawn by an astrologist, foretells unexpected changes in affairs and a long journey; associations with a stranger will probably happen. If the dreamer has the stars pointed out to him, as his fate is being read, he will find disappointments where fortune and pleasure seem to await him.

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Animals · Dream Dictionary

Horsepower is energy or power. A horse often represents our instinctual side; animal or sexual impulses arising from the lower part of the body; sexual libido or energy; male prowess; the ability to be fleet or swift; the daily grind or horse race. Perhaps you have been feeling like a workhorse or been working like […]

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Buildings · Dream Dictionary · Places

Anxieties about your health; an existing medical situation; an upcoming medical experience surgery; an ailing friend or family member. Occurrences in the hospital may reflect your feelings about past or present medical care. If there is no medical situation in your waking life, they may refer to your own inner ability to take of yourself […]

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