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Dream Symbol: Hand, Hands

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Dream meaning: Hand, Hands

HandHands connect us with people, with the world, and are used in creative projects. If emphasized in a dream, consider their position, potential action, and any special decoration for additional clues. In Jungian theory left hands symbolize feminine or receptive attributes, right hands symbolize masculine or active attributes. They are the agency of consciousness and any injury; therefore, they could represent wounding or impotency of the ego consciousness.
The many idioms associated with hands tell us that hands are definitely a form of communication and can symbolize a number of messages. Do you need a handout or need to lend helping hand to another or to some aspect of yourself? Is your waking policy one of hands off? Perhaps there is some person or situation you need to handle with kid gloves. Something that is handed down or handed over to you or clothes that are hand me downs offer messages about your family situation, self esteem or impoverished aspects of yourself that need more recognition. Is there a verbal message in the dream that is changed by hand placement or movement?
For instance, hands folded across the body can indicate defensiveness or protection. Is there something you need to take hold of.

See also arm, body, fingers, holding.

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7 Personal Dreams and Interpretations so far ↓

  • Maham // Oct 27, 2013 at 4:51 pm

    Hi, I wanna knw the interpretation of my dream.. Ok so I saw in my dream that I was putting henna/mehndi on my hand nd it wasn’t so perfect so I removed it, it was yellowish/orange color, nd then I told this guy to put henna on my right hand. It wasn’t that perfect so I told him to fix the flowers he drew with henna nd he did. (idk who the guy was but I see him often in my dreams)

  • Samantha // Oct 24, 2011 at 2:59 pm

    My entire right hand was beautifully painted, sort of like Indian Henna, but it was colorful. I cut it off. I felt no pain, and I could still move it. I also cut off the top half of my index finger. There was no blood, but suddenly I became very worried that I had to reattach it, but I couldn’t figure out how and was worried I’d never be able to attach it again.

  • Mina // Dec 12, 2010 at 3:02 pm

    I’m really confused here – In my dream, I looked down on my hand, and it was completely deformed. I’m talking REAL bad, so disgusting. It had turned a dark, almost black color, and some of the fingers were just these fat little chops, while others were long and bony. I instantly became lucid when I saw my hand, and realized it was a dream. But now it’s been a week, and I still can’t get the picture of my hand out of my head! What does it mean?

  • Saadia // Dec 7, 2010 at 5:19 am

    In my dream, I saw that my parents were really upset with me and they left me or disowned me in a motel. I was left under the supervision of my aunt. My aunt and her husband were not so very happy with me either. I saw that I somehow broke my hand or fractured it (that’s what I remember from my dream). I saw my finger was broken. I told my uncle and he said something disturbing that I don’t remember now, but he also gave me this mean look and just left me there. Then somehow a little piece of bone came out of my finger and fell on the ground. I was in pain yet no one close to me seemed to care. Then I was running through a hallway like someone was chasing me. My dream didn’t make any sense. Can someone help me make sense of this dream? Thankyou!

  • aditi // Apr 11, 2010 at 6:11 pm

    I am in the first floor hall of a big white house, full of numerous known and unknown people, lively, activity-packed happy atmosphere, all wearing white clothes, i saw one of my distant cousins (didi) very clearly, with whom i was very very close in past but now not go along very well. i didn’t see my father but the general impression was he was there around and also my son and daughter, playing somewhere though this is unusual since my father died before my daughter was born.

    suddenly someone came running within the hall (where we were all busy) with a strange news. there was a person in the neigbourhood, he announced, who was going from house to house, doing some kind of puja or ritual, assuring people that he could make silver out of nothing, and he was making silver, coins or artefacts, out of nothing, but that he cannot be called or invited, he choses his house himself and the person whom he will bless or gift with his power.

    to me in the dream instantly it sounded like those fake sadhus who used to go house to house in old days claiming that they could make gold and then would cheat the houseowners of their utensils as i have read in tagore’s stories. before we could express any reaction, someone said that the person was in the ground floor of our house and we all rushed to the staircase and leaned to see him.

    i was surprised to see him, he was not an adult but a small boy, fair complexion, curly unwashed hair, dirty but pretty smiling face, empty feet, dirty partly torn white half-shirt and creaseless khaki half pant like a boy scout, clearly poor, the kind we can see working in roadside teashops, hardly 7/8 yrs old, looking up and coming up the stairs unabashedly with smile and confidence, he was carrying a black bag or bundle of something on his back. he came up and entered the hall with us as if it was his own house, looked around once and his eyes fell on me, gave me a childish grin and pointed his forefinger to me. i was amused and smiled back too. it was understood that he is going to perform in our house and i was his target. i asked somebody to call my kids from downstairs so that they could witness this interesting ritual, how the boy is going to make silver. we were all sure that it was going to be some kind of yagna with fire and the usual stuff. but the boy asked me to lie down on the large divan and as i did so he covered my body with a big white bedsheet, from neck to toes and some more. he sat on my stomach, since he was of my daughter’s age i didn’t feel any hesitation or even weight, he was practically weightless, etheral, there he was sitting on me but i felt nothing. he asked me to close my eyes, i did. there was silence in the room, there i was – laying under white sheet, the boy sitting on me, several people known/unknown standing around the large chowki witnessing eagerly and happily what was going to happen. bright light was coming from huge window beside the chowki.

    as i closed my eyes he started uttering some words i could not understand, i don’t know if that can be called chanting since it was different, few seconds later he stopped and asked me to open my eyes, i did, he leaned toward me and brought his face nearer and said with the same simple childish grin “now you have to get up and kiss me, unless you do so you won’t get the silver.” i was amused, rose my upper to reach his dirty but fair pretty face, hesitated for a second looking at his running nose and then i closed my eyes and kissed on the left ckeek of this poor boy with all the affection and kindness of my heart, the way i always kiss my daughter. he was happy, became straight again and asked me to lie down and close my eyes again, i did. then like first time he uttered few more unknown words for few seconds and again asked me to open my eyes and said the same thing, “you have to kiss me again.” i laughed back, rose my upper part, took my face close to him and kissed in the same way and same feelings on his right cheek. he got down from me instantly and said “it is over now, you can get up.” in what language i don’t remember but we could all understand what he meant. i rose eagerly and removed the white sheet from me and there it was….there was loud sigh in the room….around me under the sheet as i removed it, there were uncountable silver coins, keept in stacks of 10-20 as they do in casinos, different sizes, one coin was exceptionaaly big i noticed, the stacks are kept all around the place where i was lying, in a cirular fashion, very much like the way a person sitting within a circle of candles performing rituals in west. someone said from the crowd that nobody in the neighbourhood has received sooo many, all other people got were maximum 10-12 coins. i got down from the bed, and told somebody that my kids could not witnees this since they were stll downstairs. then i touched the silver things, i noticed one small silver ganesha among the coins too. it was a similar one my son and daughter gifted me in my 38th birthday from delhi.

    now the boy took up his bag/bundle happily and was about to leave with the same childish grin, but didn’t asked for any money or anything, this was again surprising. someone told me to give him some money, but i made up my mind and to took up one handful of his own silver, as many as i could hold in my hands and held it before him. i told him, “please take this, and whatever more you wish, it is all yours.” the boy was happier than ever, smiled a huge grateful smile with tears in his eyes that i have offered him so many and so much, and at that moment i realized in my dream that this poor boy went from door to door, blessing people with so much wealth but no one gave him anything except maybe some food or few bucks with which he would go and feed his family. this was the first time someone was gratefully and lovingly offering him back a part of his own blessing. he took the coins in the pockets of his shirt and some in his pant, and left happily.

    i opened my eyes with a very pleasant and nice feeling with tears in my eyes as i could still remember how affectionately i kissed on his cheeks or the kind of smile i saw on his face when he left. and i can remember this dream vividly still now.

  • dana // Mar 15, 2010 at 1:35 am

    I have this really weird dream where I am psychic and this cop with white blond hair keeps coming up to me and patting me on the vagina! We are rivals. He says this. I disagree with many of his policies and he has this woman with him who is a person of color named Vicki. She has red curly hair and a sour expression on her face. Why does the man pat me on the vagina when I disagree with him about psychics?

  • Molly // Jan 7, 2010 at 4:04 pm

    I had a dream that I was shopping with my mom and this young man, a salesperson, started flirting with me, but I knew him already. Now that I think about it, I think I know who it was, just in the form of another person, I’ve never seen. And so this guy had an intense gaze and big eyes and he put his hand up to my face, behind my ear and on my cheek and in the most intimate way he kept looking at me and it’s as if I was just sinking into his palm. I felt so good and his thumb caressed my cheek. Then he started to tell me about his grandfather who fought in WWII and how he’s the family hero and everyone loves him and that his grandfather is visiting. That’s all I remember, my phone woke me up.

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