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Dream Symbol: Horns

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Dream meaning: Horns

HornsMany gods or goddesses were depicted with horns, so horns can relate to issues of divinity; spirituality; awesome power. Horned female deities were related to the moon or lunar aspects of the personality. If associated with a male or animal they may relate to male vitality or sexual energy; possibly fear and need to protect yourself, depending on what character has the horns and how it interacts with you. In Christian theology, horns are associated with the devil and may relate to feelings of guilt, or your idea about evil. In sexual vernacular horny means sexual arousal or needing sex, arising from the lustfulness of the devil.

Horns may relate to issues of power (lock horns with); confrontation or action (take the bull by the horns); a situation is which you are on the horns of dilemma; a need to curb your aggression or forcefulness (pull in your horns).
See moon or moonlight.

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