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Dream symbols starting with the letter D

Beheading, Decapitation

Actions, Feelings, Conditions · Dream Dictionary

To dream of beheading indicates that you are not thinking clearly and refusing to confront a situation. Are you acting before thinking?

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Actions, Feelings, Conditions · Dream Dictionary

Sexual activity or needs and wishes. Sensuousness or sensuality; the dance of life, life movement, ecstasy and altered states; celebration. Ritual dances are attempts to evekothe gods or contact the spirit within or spirits without. If your dancing is easy without effort it may mean being in balance and harmony with yourself. If ballet and […]

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Dark, Darkness

Dream Dictionary · Nature · Places

The womb; the unconscious;primal yearnings/urges (especially dark waters), hence the instincts; undeveloped potentiality out of which light (consciousness) arises; creativity; the cosmic nothingness out of which creation arose. It can symbolize a stage of ignorane/unknwoing, psychologically blind (in the dark) or hope (it’s always dark before dawn). Perhaps there is some issue to which you […]

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Deaf, Deafness

Actions, Feelings, Conditions · Dream Dictionary

Inability to hear; or ignoring pertinent information; being ignored; allowing something illegal or immoral to be done without taking a stand, which may relate to feelings of guilt, or lack of responsibility. Freud believed out superego or conscience was mostly auditory. Is there some situation in which you are trying to listen to parental prohibitions […]

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Death, Dead

Actions, Feelings, Conditions · Dream Dictionary

Transformation; there is now room in the psyche for a new way of life; a need to revise your self-image; the end of one type of inner personification. When we are turly about to die, our dreams contain symbols or images other than those of our death. However, as we age, we may explore death […]

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Animals · Dream Dictionary

To dream of a deer suggests some aspect of yourself that you keep private or someone in your life very dear to you. If deer is chased or under attack it suggests some situation in your life where you are threatened and must defend your self, but feeling helpless. A deer in dream can also […]

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Demon, Devil, Monster, Zombie

Dream Dictionary · People, Characters

The Freudian view is that demons represent repressed infantile sexual feelings, likely incestuous ones toward out parents. For Jungians, they represent a projected negative aspect of the anima or animus, someone whom you perceive as a threat and are attempting, or wish, to avoid, when, in fact, that power or energy is also a part […]

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Diamond, Diamonds

Dream Dictionary · Nature · Objects

Information, possibly danger and or a need for caution; the quaternary, and therefore, anything with fourfold quality. The shape may also be related to baseball. As Diamonds as jewels it can signify purity; strength of character; attitudes of being hard or irrefutable. It is the birthstone of someone born in April. It also symbolizes something […]

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Actions, Feelings, Conditions · Dream Dictionary

The emergence of repressed feelings; fear of being overwhelmed; not at east with some aspect of yourself or your way of being; a conflict between an archetypal motif and the ego, a psychological crisis that has not yet been understoof and assimilated. See illness.

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Disfigure, Disfigured

Actions, Feelings, Conditions · Dream Dictionary · People, Characters

If the tthrear of disfigurement is to you, it suggest anxiety about losing your identity or persona. If someone else is disfigured, what aspect of your has been wounded? Also, ugly or unacceptable aspects of yourself.

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Distance, Distant, In the distance

Actions, Feelings, Conditions · Dream Dictionary

Goals; aims; the future; need for a new or different persepctive; need to protect yourself from emotions or separate yourself from your own or another’s feelings; need to move away from waking situation. It also suggests feelings of inadequacy or disappointment, or that you are not yet prepared enough.

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Actions, Feelings, Conditions · Dream Dictionary · People, Characters

Most authorities agree that dreams during divorce show the stress of the experience. Long after the divorce, stress that has elements similar to what you went through during the divorce, often a situation in which you wonder if you have made a mistake, or in which you are treated similarly to the way you were […]

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Dream Dictionary · People, Characters

An authrotiy figure; possibly a wisdom archetype (the Wise Old Man), depending on the doctor’s appearance or behavior. Is there an incident in your waking life that has triggered feelings about authority? Is the doctor a disguise for an expert in another field from your waking life? Perhaps there is an apsect of your life […]

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Dog, Dogs, Puppy

Animals · Dream Dictionary

Dogs symbolize loyalty or fidelity, especially to your own values or intentions; therefore, your ability to go foreward in the world from a staong internal base. Dogs guard treasure, so their apperance may indicate a treasure (skill, knowledge) you have ignored forgotten that needs to be activated, or has the potention to be activated; some […]

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Animals · Dream Dictionary

The soul; peace; the Holy GHost in Christianity. A dove mates for life, and therefore, it can symbolize your mate; love marriage; commitment; or wanting any of these. See birds.

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