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Dream Dictionary

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Interpreting a Dream

  1. Before even going to bed, try to keep a clear mind. Having many thoughts on your mind (especially disturbing ones) can distract you from remembering the dream.
  2. Take a pencil and a piece of paper and put it next to your bed. If, as I do, you find it difficult to write legibly in the dark, the Nite Note is a nifty thing to have. When you pick up the pen, it automatically lights up just enough to illuminate the pad, and turns off again when you replace the pen. The pen is a Fisher Space Pen, which will write well even when held upside down (as in when you’re lying on your back holding the pad above you). Pretty cool – you can buy the Nite Note on line from Dream Essentials.
  3. Try to just lay down on your bed and try not to think of anything.
  4. Slowly close your eyes and continue to keep a clear mind. You will eventually fall asleep.
  5. If at any point during the night you wake up, write down all you can remember from the dream and the go back to sleep.
  6. When you wake up in the morning, you should write down everything you remember from the night’s dream(s).
  7. After all the items you have written down, draw a line under all of the main aspects of the dream.
  8. On the back of that sheet of paper write down anything that has been disturbing you, caused anxiety or joy.
  9. Look at the major symbols and check what they mean in the symbolism section.