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Dream symbols starting with the letter L

Boyfriend, Exboyfriend, Lover

Dream Dictionary · People, Characters

This represents your emotional feelings of attachment towards your boyfriend. It can also represent the difficulties and struggles with sexual feelings connected with your boyfriend. The dream might signify some insight into his behavior and your relationship. If you are dreaming of ex-boyfriend or ex-lover it represents your feelings and hopes related to him. Usually […]

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Dream Dictionary · Objects

To dream of a ladder being raised for you to ascend to some height, your energetic and nervy qualifications will raise you into prominence in business affairs. To ascend a ladder, means prosperity and unstinted happiness. To fall from one, denotes despondency and unsuccessful transactions to the tradesman, and blasted crops to the farmer. To […]

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Pool, Pond, Lake, Water

Dream Dictionary · Nature · Places

Pools and lakes, as common places of purification or initiation, can represent a change in your way of life; emerging unconscious material that will promote growth. Like all bodies of water, it can represent the womb; pregnancy; a desire or need to return to mothering waters and be nourished or escape responsibility; knowledge that is […]

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Suitcase, Luggage

Dream Dictionary · Objects

As a feminine container and one that can carry clothes, it may reflect some aspect of your out or inner identity and or a challenge to it. Pregnant women dream about finding or losing suitcases as reflections of their changing identity. Also it can mean what one carries inside, such our emotions, longings, attitudes and […]

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Thunder, Lightning

Dream Dictionary · Nature

Sudden enlightenment, change of attitude, unexpected change in psychic energy, something overpowering.

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