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Dream symbols starting with the letter A


Actions, Feelings, Conditions · Dream Dictionary

If you were the one abandoned, how old were you? Check for feelings of being lost/overwhelmed regarding a current situation, possibly rooted in the past at the age you were in the dream, or a situation that began that many years ago. Otherwise, it can suggest feelings of being misguided/misled, possibly reflecting present or old […]

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Buildings · Dream Dictionary

To see an abbey in ruins, foretells that your hopes and schemes will fall into ignoble incompletion. To dream that a priest bars your entrance into an abbey, denotes that you will be saved from a ruinous state by enemies mistaking your embarrassment for progress. For a young woman to get into an abbey, foretells […]

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Body Parts · Dream Dictionary

To see your abdomen in a dream, foretells that you will have great expectations, but you must curb hardheadedness and redouble your energies on your labor, as pleasure is approaching to your hurt. To see your abdomen shriveled, foretells that you will be persecuted and defied by false friends. To see it swollen, you will […]

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Actions, Feelings, Conditions · Dream Dictionary

For a woman to dream that she assents to abortion being committed on her, is a warning that she is contemplating some enterprise which if carried out will steep her in disgrace and unhappiness. For a doctor to dream that he is a party to an abortion, foretells that his practice will suffer from his […]

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Dream Dictionary · Objects

To come under the influence of absinthe in dreams, denotes that you will lead a merry and foolish pace with innocent companions, and waste your inheritance in prodigal lavishness on the siren, selfish fancy. For a young woman to dream that she drinks absinthe with her lover warns her to resist his persuasions to illicit […]

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Buildings · Dream Dictionary

To visit an academy in your dreams, denotes that you will regret opportunities that you have let pass through sheer idleness and indifference. To think you own, or are an inmate of one, you will find that you are to meet easy defeat of aspirations. You will take on knowledge, but be unable to rightly […]

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Adultery, Affair

Actions, Feelings, Conditions · Dream Dictionary

A dream about an affair may be interpreted as feelings about infidelity or betrayal and failure. This dream could also mean being and feeling alone in a relationship. If affair in a dream is enjoyable then this dream is allowing you to exercise the feelings of love and sexual pleasure you have experienced in a […]

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Dream Dictionary · Vehicles

You are “flying high” and whatever happens can reflect wishes/anxieties/progress regarding your life or professional progress, possibly your ability to “rise above it all” risk-taking abilities/attitudes. Are you the pilot, in charge but isolated from the rest of the group?   Dream interpretation of plane can suggest difficulty boarding the plane may reflect anxieties about, […]

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Dream Dictionary · Objects

A common alarm dream occurs when dreamer’s own clocks are ringing to awaken them. If this is not the case, it may be a signal that it’s “time to wake up and smell the coffee”, time to attend to, notice, acknowledge something you’ve been ignoring or possibly, are frightened about. See fear and clock.

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Aloneness, Solitude, Isolation

Actions, Feelings, Conditions · Dream Dictionary

Is this comforting or frightening way to be in your dream? In a positive sense, being alone can express independence, the ability to think for yourself. Negatively, it could represent loneliness or isolation. It can signal being overwhelmed in your waking life and needing time for retreat, restoration, or healing; time to “get in touch” […]

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Actions, Feelings, Conditions · Dream Dictionary

Consider the specific body part that has been or was being amputated to determine the kind of power or energy or expression you’ve lost, or fear you will lose. If already amputated it may indicate a serious emotional scar trauma; loss of confidence or self-esteem. If some part of an animal, consider that animal and […]

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Amusement Parks/Carnival/Disneyland

Dream Dictionary · Places

An amusement park with people, lights, rides and games may be a call to distraction, or a signal that you need to consider adding enjoyment, expansion, and variety to your life. It may represent a current challenge yourself a little more. Consider everything in the park as expression some aspect of yourself, and have some […]

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Dream Dictionary · People, Characters

In its best sense, the appearance of an angel often precedes a revelation or insight and heralds the need for or represents the active process of spiritual transformation; a wisdom message. Angels represent invisible energy forces at work, which have become temporarily visible; therefore, unconscious material coming into consciousness. In metaphysics, angels have become devas, […]

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Actions, Feelings, Conditions · Dream Dictionary

The feeling you have toward something or someone in waking life, but are unwilling or unable, because of circumstances, to recognize or express. If your dream anger results in aggressive action, consider whether that action is positive and self protective, which may indicate growing strength and power or possibility destruction and hostility. How do you […]

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Argue, Argument

Actions, Feelings, Conditions · Dream Dictionary

When you have a dream about argument and arguing it suggests that tension you have ignored is making itself known. Who are you arguing with in the dream? Another person or an aspect of yourself. Does argument get resolved or do you feel helpless? This dream allows you to release feelings about situation that you […]

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