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Dream Symbol: Aloneness, Solitude, Isolation

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Dream meaning: Aloneness, Solitude, Isolation

AloneIs this comforting or frightening way to be in your dream? In a positive sense, being alone can express independence, the ability to think for yourself. Negatively, it could represent loneliness or isolation. It can signal being overwhelmed in your waking life and needing time for retreat, restoration, or healing; time to “get in touch” with your innermost needs.

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1 Personal Dream or Interpretation so far ↓

  • Keshia // May 3, 2013 at 8:45 am

    I have been having a recurring dream about once or twice a year.
    The first one I had, started with just me on a huge highway in a huge city, a city I have never been to. There are no cars, no people, nothing but eery clouds that seem to scare me. (I love storm clouds, and storms.)
    It feels apocalyptic in this dream.
    I yelled for anyone that could hear me. Shortly after, a deep male voice and the wind abrupted all of a sudden. The voice said,”Keshia. There is a storm coming.”
    I asked ,”Why?”
    I always wake up after I ask that.
    The next year, I had my first daughter. I had the same exact dream, and my baby girl was a teen and holding my hand. My reactions were the same.
    4 years after the same dream, I had my twins. Had the dream again, and all of my children are in it, my older daughter is a teen and the twins are older children.
    For the fact it reoccurs, and it gives me the feeling of fear and the need to protect my family. I don’t fear being alone. I am a single mother and on my own. Is there really any other meaning for it?

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