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Dream Symbol: Castle

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Dream meaning: Castle

Castle With its moat and towers, a castle can symbolize an aspect of yourself that’s walled off or on the watch for attack; your psychological defenses (is it strong or crumbling?). How limited is your psychological or emotional movement, your choice of direction? How powerful or vulnerable do you feel; are you secure or under siege?

A castle can represent feelings about yourself (royal) or your family; security; relationships (home in your castle); that you are living a fantasy life, especially with respect to the future and future relationships – the fulfillment of wishes.

One of the most famous mythological castles was the castle of the Grail. Visible only to the true knight, it disappeared when a false one appeared; therefore, it was a symbol of right thinking and the ultimate in spiritual of self-development. Where are you on your quest?

See Grail and house.

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