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Dream Symbol: Cards, Playing Card, Tarot

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Dream meaning: Cards, Playing Card, Tarot

Cards Tarrot As with all games, card games can symbolize camaraderie; team or partner cooperation; competition. It may give you clues about your strategy or behavior in a waking situation. Your opponents, or partners, are aspects of yourself whom you will need to deal with to be more successful in the game of life.


Depending on how the game goes, someone in your life game may be stacking the deck, or dealing from the bottom of the deck. If you associations do not connect with anyone in present waking life, consider someone from your past, or the shadow aspect of your inner self.


The game can make you aware of fatalistic (it’s in the cards) or reckless (playing for high stakes) attitudes. Red suits represent the female energy; black suits represent the male energy or death.


Modern playing cards evolved from the Tarot deck and are esoterically related, therefore, to ancient spiritual or religious mysteries. Many consider the 22 Tarot Major. Arcana as archetypal symbols, although the joker is the only one to have remained in modern bridge decks.


See also fortune-teller, games.

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