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Dream Symbol: Emerald

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Dream meaning: Emerald

EmeraldTranquility; fertility; a lunar or feminine symbol. As the fourth foundation stone of the New Jerusalem, it is related to the tribe of Asher and to doing service to the community or society. Christian symbolism of the emerald include faith; immortality; purity.


According to medieval or legendary writings, when Lucief fell from grace, the emerald that signified ancient wisdom also fell from his crown. Coming contact with matter, it became, first, a stone, then a sword, a spear, and finally the Grail cup, the four hallows of the Grail legend or quest, and the four suits of the Tarot deck. Likewise, the tablet of Germes Trismegistus, the founder of alchemy, was reputedly made of an emerald. Thus, the emerald is related to the reconciliation of opposites and to the discovery or perfection of the Self. It is the birthstone of someone born in May.

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