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Buildings · Dream Dictionary

The cabin of a ship is rather unfortunate to be in in a dream. Some mischief is brewing for you. You will most likely be engaged in a law suit, in which you will lose from the unstability of your witness.

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Objects · Dream Dictionary

As an instrument for recoding and keeping track of past experiences and memories, the camera can symbolize the process that lets you relive or review experiences. It may be keeping track of your self growth or identity if appearing in several dreams. The eye of the camera never lies, so it can symbolize truth; […]

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People, Characters · Places · Dream Dictionary

Wanting to be more in touch with nature; being independent or self-sufficient; self-survival; recognition of basic needs; a quest initiation. Camping vehicles may symbolize a gypsy adventure attitude; holding open the option of moving on if a situation, doesn’t fit you. A tent city may symbolize a sense of homelessness lack of belonging, loss of […]

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Places · Dream Dictionary

Feminine symbol; the birth canal; passageway; direction; access to inner emotions or goals. How are you progressing along the canal? With ease or difficulty, guided or pulled by someone?
Some believe that dreams in which you are having difficulty traversing a canal reflect memories of your birth experience. Is your creativity momentarily stuck in its birthing?
See […]

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Actions, Feelings, Conditions · Dream Dictionary

As a malignant growth, it may be a disguise for some terrifying event or memory that you’ve incorporated into your unconscious, possibly repressed, that’s eating away at you; some aspect of your life that is out of control; anxiety about the disease.
Consider the symbolism for the body area where the cancer occurs. Persons with cancer […]

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Objects · Dream Dictionary

Earlier times; individual light of your personality; your personal awareness; life energy; insight; spiritual awareness or knowledge; the soul; the relationship between God and man; reverence; ritual; mystery.
Candles are often used at ceremonies and may, therefore, symbolize relationships; cycles; the passage of time; creating the mood for romance; and past or present romance. Ritually used, […]

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Places · Nature · Dream Dictionary

Fertility; female genitals; the depth of the unconscious, especially if there is a stream flowing in the canyon; the passage of time; inner nature or history revealed. Negatively it can convey being walled in, stuck. Grand Canyon is an archetypal expression of Mother Earth, and the aspect of mothering that can be overwhelming.

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Car, Automobile

Vehicles · Dream Dictionary

Often your body, or your way of moving through life approaching situations, although it can also represent someone else. It may be a message to shift gears. It you are in the backseat of the car, are you being backseat driver, or are you taking a backseat to someone else? Are you directing your life […]

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Cards/Playing Card Tarot

Objects · Dream Dictionary

As with all games, card games can symbolize camaraderie; team or partner cooperation; competition. It may give you clues about your strategy or behavior in a waking situation. Your opponents, or partners, are aspects of yourself whom you will need to deal with to be more successful in the game of life.
Depending on […]

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Places · Buildings · Dream Dictionary

With its moat and towers, a castle can symbolize an aspect of yourself that’s walled off or on the watch for attack; your psychological defenses (is it strong or crumbling?). How limited is your psychological or emotional movement, your choice of direction? How powerful or vulnerable do you feel; are you secure or under […]

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Actions, Feelings, Conditions · Dream Dictionary

If you are male, most likely you won’t dream of your actual castration, but will dream of other images, possibly double images, that face damage. Consider especially any games where balls are used, nuts and eggs are eaten, rotted, or destroyed. These, or animal castration, dreams deal with issues of your basic identity; your […]

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Animals · Dream Dictionary

Instinctual energy that is been tamed and is relatively close to consciousness; feminine power or energy; the feminine archetype; the immature or coy feminine (kitten); female genitals. Other characteristics or aspects of yourself or another that cats may symbolize include: devouring or playful:snugly or independent; graceful; lazy or pouncing; stalking; patient; snide. Traditionally cats […]

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Places · Dream Dictionary

Your path to the inner world; finding the way through your psyche and or the fear that you will get lost therein; buried or ancient attitudes or training.
See labyrinth and tomb.

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Actions, Feelings, Conditions · Dream Dictionary

Psychically immobilized; limited choices; guilt issues (fear of being caught); sexual issues caught in act; trapped by your innocence or lack of knowledge from your past.
See trapped.

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Places · Buildings · Dream Dictionary

In Jungian terms, a cave symbolizes the unconscious (dark secret). To enter and explore is to gain the process of awareness or transformation or individuation. As a dark place to enter or leave, cave is also a symbol of the womb, and can represent mother; the feminine the vagina; sex; the birth process. In […]

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House · Buildings · Dream Dictionary

To dream of being in a cold, damp cellar, you will be oppressed by doubts. You will lose confidence in all things and suffer gloomy forebodings from which you will fail to escape unless you control your will. It also indicates loss of property.
To see a cellar stored with wines and table stores, you will […]

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Places · Buildings · Dream Dictionary

To dream of being in a beautiful and well-kept cemetery, you will have unexpected news of the recovery of one whom you had mourned as dead, and you will have your title good to lands occupied by usurpers.
To see an old bramble grown and forgotten cemetery, you will live to see all your loved ones […]

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Actions, Feelings, Conditions · Dream Dictionary

One of the most frequent types of recurrent nightmare or anxiety dream, being chased sometimes can be traced back to waking situations in which you felt caught or vulnerable, acted passively, or in which you gave in.
Some researches connect it to a stressful situation dating from childhood or adolescence, the memory of which […]

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Cheat, cheating, cheated

Actions, Feelings, Conditions · Dream Dictionary

To dream of a spouse or partner cheating on you may simply indicate that you are feeling insecure about the relations ship (consciously or unconsciously) . Or it could reflect suspicions you have about your partner’s possible infidelity. Of course this doesn’t necessarily mean that your suspicions are justified.
In some cases it could also be […]

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Objects · Dream Dictionary

Mastery; achievement; the need or ability to tackle demanding intellectual activities or to think through your actions before moving toward your goals; black and white thinking; the confrontation of opposites.
See games.

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Animals · Dream Dictionary

Historically chickens have been favorite sacrificial tokens, so your dream could symbolize a request for a message, or for propitiation.
Could there be something you are being cowardly or chicken about? Are you being warned not to count your chickens until they are hatched. Perhaps you are feeling anxious about the consequences of some action. […]

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Child/ Children

People, Characters · Dream Dictionary

If not your own child, it may represent your inner child; unfinished growth processes within you; a childish part of you that is reacting to a waking situation. It can represent your own child and wishes for that child; perceptions about your child; your own childhood needs awakened by actions of your real child.

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Actions, Feelings, Conditions · Dream Dictionary

If choking on something, what is hard to swallow? Is someone trying to stuff something down your throat? You may be trying to cut off the expression of emotions, especially anger or sadness (all choked up). Choking someone else suggests feelings of aggression or, more benevolently, perhaps you are just trying to stop a […]

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Christmas Tree

Objects · Dream Dictionary

If your dream occurs in December, it may refer to expected pleasures or responsibilities or anxieties you have about the upcoming holiday. If not in December, it may symbolize family celebration; connectedness; demands; anxiety about family relationships; the passage of time; cycles. Do you need to be more of a Santa to yourself, supplying those […]

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Buildings · Dream Dictionary

To dream of seeing a church in the distance, denotes disappointment in pleasures long anticipated.
To enter one wrapt in gloom, you will participate in a funeral. Dull prospects of better times are portended.

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Objects · Dream Dictionary

A “magic” circle, or circular action, may relate to a developing secret. If you are in the center, it may indicate that you are beginning to acknowledge what is holy or sacred within yourself. It can represent a safe place, one that wards off danger when you are inside; a place that is uniquely […]

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Nature · Dream Dictionary

Have you come to the edge or boundary of a situation and need to consider a change of direction? Perhaps a waking situation suggests danger or unfinished business or that you would made it to the heights. Do you now have, or is it, the time to consider a wider perspective? If you are […]

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Objects · Dream Dictionary

The passage of time cycles. If it has a circular face, which is emphasized, it may represent a form of the mandala (Self). A huge, heavy clock suggest the stability or burdens of time; possibly a looking deadline. Consider the symbolism of particular number or time if emphasized. Are you out of time with […]

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Objects · Dream Dictionary

Attitudes and levels of consciousness; your persona or some aspect of it; a need for attention or to conceal your true self. Work clothes may refer to a persona or attitude with respect to work or business, or may identify a dream as related to your occupation. If you are changing your style of clothing, […]

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Coffin, Casket

Objects · Dream Dictionary

Coffin or Casket as a object that goes into the earth symbolizes the Earth Mother and womb symbol. Consequently putting someone to rest represents need to end a situation or relationship. Symbolically speaking coffin or casket represent end of one life and opening of another. Coffin is sometimes reminder of a desire to get rid […]

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Actions, Feelings, Conditions · Dream Dictionary

More than half of our dream are in color, and the longer the dream, the greater are its changes of being in color. However, our recall of dream colors fades even more rapidly than memory of their content. Colors can symbolize moods or emotional processes; but specific color symbolism exists, and has been used, […]

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Objects · Dream Dictionary

A need for direction or guidance; a signal that it is time to check your direction or goals, which could be associated with a sense of wandering or drifting in your life, or of following another’s plan for you.
See direction

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Places · Buildings · Dream Dictionary

If you are in court, consider, first, what role you play: judge, attorney, the accused, a witness, a jury members; spectator. It could be related to your ability to make judgments or decisions; aspects of your behavior attitudes you think need defending; some person or situation you need to defend. If you are the […]

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Crash, Crashing

Actions, Feelings, Conditions · Dream Dictionary

Dreaming of a crash or a vehicle that is about to crash can be interpreted as that some aspect of your life (emotions and desires) is out of control, and losing control. Maybe you need to crash, take a rest. Is there something in your life where you feel like you crashed the party? Is […]

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Nature · Animals · Dream Dictionary

Crocodiles in your dream can represent danger or aggresiveness. If the crocodiles are concealed beneath the water they might also symbolize hidden animal instincts. Some psychologists say that crocodiles can represent the “devouring” aspect of one’s mother.

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Objects · Dream Dictionary

Spiritual beliefs or feelings; connection with the divine; the developing spiritual aspects of your life; connection with your inner Christ/love consciousness. More generally, it is a symbol of the tree of life, or world tree, and may represent a stabilizing influence in your life, or a need to find one. It also can symbolize emotional […]

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Actions, Feelings, Conditions · Dream Dictionary

The dream about crying symbolizes tension and fears. If you are one crying, you will get over worrying about another person and be happy again.

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Animals · Dream Dictionary

Soaring; free; majestic; grandeur; independence; height; one’s inner spirit or spirituality. Are you flying high? The eagle is a bird of light, messages made clear as opposed to birds of the night or shadow. As a solar bird, is symbolizes self-renewal. In the Middle Ages and in alchemy, it was equated with the phoenix, also […]

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Nature · Dream Dictionary

Our origin’s; our home, the cosmic or personal womb, Earthy symbolizes instincts or instinctual behavior; natural; sexy. It may also symbolize that you are too up in the air and need to be more grounded or to come down to earth.
It can symbolize the concepts of union and of opposites, as in heaven or […]

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Actions, Feelings, Conditions · Dream Dictionary

Eating is a way that we incorporate things into us, so you may be eating food that represents qualities you think you need or desire. Eating is nourishment and may represent emotional or maternal nourishment, especially if you are eating or drinking milk products, warm or sweet foods, or especially satisfying foods your mother made. […]

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Actions, Feelings, Conditions · Places · Dream Dictionary

To dream that you are at an election, foretells you will engage in some controversy which will prove detrimental to your social or financial standing.

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Nature · Dream Dictionary

To dream of electricity, denotes there will be sudden changes about you, which will not afford you either advancement or pleasure. If you are shocked by it you will face a deplorable danger.
To see live electrical wire, foretells that enemies will disturb your plans, which have given you much anxiety in forming. To dream […]

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Animals · Dream Dictionary

Strength; endurance; with an upturned trunk, good luck. In ancient times, the shape of an elephant in geological or cloud formations represented the world axis. Probably the most well known elephants are the cartoon Dumbo, which may symbolize immaturity or the ability to escape the mundane by flying, and Kindu God Ganesh, son of Shiva, […]

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Objects · Dream Dictionary

Tranquility; fertility; a lunar or feminine symbol. As the fourth foundation stone of the New Jerusalem, it is related to the tribe of Asher and to doing service to the community or society. Christian symbolism of the emerald include faith; immortality; purity.
According to medieval or legendary writings, when Lucief fell from grace, the emerald that […]

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Actions, Feelings, Conditions · Dream Dictionary

A wish to get out of a current inner or outer situation; time to move in a new direction, take new action, make new plans. If you are unable to escape from a recurrent frightening situation.

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Objects · Dream Dictionary

To dream of a ladder being raised for you to ascend to some height, your energetic and nervy qualifications will raise you into prominence in business affairs.
To ascend a ladder, means prosperity and unstinted happiness.
To fall from one, denotes despondency and unsuccessful transactions to the tradesman, and blasted crops to the farmer.
To see a […]

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Rabbit, Hare

Animals · Dream Dictionary

Rabbits and hares symbolize birth, and fertility. Rabbits and other hare species are known for their softness and vulnerability. Hence sometimes depicting us as victims, or foolish passiveness. Vulnerability of rabbits suggests the hurt one experiences to the soft and vulnerable parts of the self. Dreaming of rabbits represents most basic elemental emotions and attitudes. […]

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Race, Racing

Actions, Feelings, Conditions · Dream Dictionary

Running in race suggests daily or business life. Depending on how you are doing in the race, consider whether the future looks good or bleak. The dream may refer to issues concerned with ambition; career; competition; skills or abilities; prowess; winning or losing.
Racing a sports car is related to the preceding and, according to […]

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Vehicles · Dream Dictionary

To dream of a raft denotes that you will go into new locations to engage in enterprises, which will prove successful.
To dream of floating on a raft denotes uncertain journeys. If you reach your destination, you will surely come into good fortune.
If a raft breaks or any such mishap befalls it, you or some […]

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Actions, Feelings, Conditions · Dream Dictionary

To be in a rage and scolding and tearing up things generally, while dreaming, signifies quarrels and injury to your friends.
To see others in a rage is a sign of unfavorable conditions for business and unhappiness in social life.
For a young woman to see her lover in a rage denotes that there will be […]

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Places · Objects · Vehicles · Dream Dictionary

Your life route. Are you on track or derailed? Is your train cautioning you not to get off track? It may suggest that you have lost track of your goals or directions; that you have been lazy and need to make tracks. Is there some situation in which you feel like you are on, or […]

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Nature · Dream Dictionary

Rain is related, first to your attitude about it, and to the kind of rain it is. General symbolism includes: fertility; renewal; wiping your slate clean; and shares some water symbolism. It can be considered a message or influence from heaven or the divine.
It may refer to unexpressed tears; the need to cry or mourn […]

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Animals · Dream Dictionary

Although in Western cultures the rat is usually considered a sign of poverty or illness. In Asian cultures it’s good sign, signifying fertility and wealth in Japan, or good luck in China. It may refer to a person who has recently treated you badly or who is untrustworthy.
Relatives Family issues or feelings. One relative can […]

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Objects · Dream Dictionary

To dream of a razor portends disagreements and contentions over troubles.
To cut yourself with one denotes that you will be unlucky in some deal which you are about to make.
Fighting with a razor foretells disappointing business, and that some one will keep you harassed almost beyond endurance.
A broken or rusty one brings unavoidable distress.

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Animals · Dream Dictionary

If a reptile attacks you in a dream, there will be trouble of a serious nature ahead for you. If you succeed in killing it, you will finally overcome obstacles.
To see a dead reptile come to life, denotes that disputes and disagreements, which were thought to be settled, will be renewed and pushed […]

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Rescue, Rescuing

Actions, Feelings, Conditions · Dream Dictionary

Coping; successfully combating or acknowledging certain emotions symbolized by the person rescued; feeling lost or overwhelmed or inadequate and wishing to be rescued; feelings of needing to rescue a particular situation or relationship. If current, persistent fears; a compulsive need to always be rescuing or enabling someone.

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Objects · Dream Dictionary

For a young woman to dream that she sees her sweetheart with a revolver denotes that she will have a serious disagreement with some friend and probably separation from her lover.

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Objects · Dream Dictionary

Seeing ribbons floating from the costume of any person in your dreams indicates you will have gay and pleasant companions, and practical cares will not trouble you greatly.
For a young woman to dream of decorating herself with ribbons, she will soon have a desirable offer of marriage, but frivolity may cause her to make […]

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Objects · Dream Dictionary

As a circle, the ring is associated with eternity; wholeness; the mandala. Has someone been running rings around you? As jewelry it can represent affiliation (a class ring); promise or romance; commitment. Rings can indicate that the activity you perform with your hands is one you highly value and or wish that others will see […]

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Places · Dream Dictionary

A sense of direction; your life’s path. Its condition and the ease or difficulty you have traversing it may reveal how much you feel in charge of your life or provide clues to changes you need to make. If beside the road or having difficulty getting on it, how have you gotten sidetracked? Consider your […]

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Nature · Objects · Dream Dictionary

Steadfastness solid personality; the stable or inner house of wisdom, as in the rock that Moses struck which flowed with the water of life; obstacles or stubbornness .
Does the dream relate to a rock hard attitude, or to a situation in which it is hard to move around? Where in your life are you between […]

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Objects · Dream Dictionary

Rocking-chairs seen in dreams bring friendly intercourse and contentment with any environment.
To see a mother, wife, or sweetheart in a rocking chair is ominous of the sweetest joys that earth affords.
To see vacant rocking-chairs forebodes bereavement or estrangement. The dreamer will surely merit misfortune in some form.

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Places · Objects · Dream Dictionary

To find yourself on a roof in a dream denotes unbounded success. To become frightened and think you are falling, signifies that, while you may advance, you will have no firm hold on your position.
To see a roof falling in, you will be threatened with a sudden calamity.
To repair, or build a roof, you […]

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Room, Rooms

House · Places · Buildings · Dream Dictionary

Room or rooms in dream usually stand for a certain characteristics of the dreamer. Finding new room, or building one may symbolize assuming new roles; developing your personality and establishing emotional maturity.
It may also signal the need for a grieving period; coming out of depression; readiness for new relationships. A barren or empty room may […]

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Actions, Feelings, Conditions · Objects · Dream Dictionary

Ropes in dreams signify perplexities and complications in affairs, and uncertain love making.
If you climb one, you will overcome enemies who are working to injure you.
To descend a rope brings disappointment to your most sanguine moments.
If you are tied with them, you are likely to yield to love contrary to your judgment.
To break them […]

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Plants · Dream Dictionary

A rose in a dream is often a symbol of the Self. It is a common symbol in Western esoteric traditions. The rose in an enclosed garden represents a concept similar to the Grail quest, the search for paradise and wholeness.
In Christian symbolism, the rose is the supreme symbol of Mary, the mother of Jesus.
And […]

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Run, Running

Actions, Feelings, Conditions · Dream Dictionary

If you are running in your dream, in order to interpret you need to consider are you running away from someone or something, or are you just running like jogging. Normal running means you are on the right road. If you have difficulty running it can mean helplessness, being held back by negative feelings, feeling […]

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House · Objects · Dream Dictionary

Social or family connections and your place within them. Authority or control, wisdom or power. This is extension int your personal life, community and country. The attitudes and ideas that are on hold (table the proposal). Something that you cannot hold any longer and have to bring to the table.

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Actions, Feelings, Conditions · Dream Dictionary

To dream of talking, denotes that you will soon hear of the sickness of relatives, and there will be worries in your affairs.
To hear others talking loudly, foretells that you will be accused of interfering in the affairs of others. To think they are talking about you, denotes that you are menaced with illness […]

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Body Parts · Dream Dictionary

To see your body appearing tattooed, foretells that some difficulty will cause you to make a long and tedious absence from your home.
To see tattooes on others, foretells that strange loves will make you an object of jealousy.
To dream you are a tattooist, is a sign that you will estrange yourself from friends because of […]

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Nature · Objects · Dream Dictionary

To dream that you are brewing tea, foretells that you will be guilty of indiscreet actions, and will feel deeply remorseful.
To see your friends drinking tea, and you with them, denotes that social pleasures will pall on you, and you will seek to change your feelings by serving others in their sorrows.
To see dregs in […]

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Teacher, Professor

People, Characters · Dream Dictionary

The need for advice or new learning, seeking a new patch. In Jungian terms, the appearance of a teacher may signify the archetype of the Wise Old Man, the spirit who fills in information you need for the next step in your development.

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Actions, Feelings, Conditions · Dream Dictionary

To dream that you are in tears, denotes that some affliction will soon envelope you.
To see others shedding tears, foretells that your sorrows will affect the happiness of others.

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Body Parts · Dream Dictionary

Teeth are one of the most common dream symbols.
In dreams teeth can represent one or more of the following:

strength and aggressiveness
youth, vitality
greed or devouring instincts, envy
your self-confidence or estimation of your abilities

Dreams involving the loss, breakage, yellowing of teeth are extremely common and are most often regarded by psychologists as signs that the dreamer […]

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Telephone, phone

Objects · Dream Dictionary

Phone or any image of indirect communication can symbolize telepathic communication. It may suggest relationship that you wish to hold or keep at a distance. Anxiety about facing or confronting someone.

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Television, TV

Objects · Dream Dictionary

Passive contact with the world. Your inner news or story. Putting distance between you and situation. In a positive sense dreaming about television can give you a more objective perspective you could get the picture. Negatively it may help you ignore issues by attributing them to someone else.

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Dream Dictionary

To dream of temple it can refer to your body, as the temple of the soul. Or it can mean the temple of your head.

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Theft, Thief, Steal,Robbed

Actions, Feelings, Conditions · People, Characters · Dream Dictionary

An aspect of yourself, possibly your shadow, that threatens to rob you of important energy if not attended to, some way you have been emotionally robbed. Consider what the thief is attempting to take. It can symbolize development of a new stage of consciousness (stealing of the fruit from the Garden of Eden).
Freudian dream interpretation […]

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Thunder, Lightning

Nature · Dream Dictionary

Sudden enlightenment, change of attitude, unexpected change in psychic energy, something overpowering.

More on the meaning of "Thunder, Lightning" in my dream


Animals · Dream Dictionary

Female sexuality and aggressiveness, power leashed or unleashed anger. If chasing you or another for the kill, what is there in yourself that you are trying to get rid of?
See animals, cats.

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House · Objects · Dream Dictionary

The clogged toilet in a dream suggests emotional feelings that are suppressed. The self expression of your needs and desires is prevented, possibly by attitudes of others. A toilet can sometimes symbolize our shadow, the shameful and rejected parts of the self.
See also bathroom

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Places · Dream Dictionary

A need to bury old ideas or attitudes. Connection to or need to acknowledge your ancestors or heritage, attitudes about death.

More on the meaning of "Tomb" in my dream


Body Parts · Dream Dictionary

Dreaming of tongue means the pleasure or ability to taste, which would indicate sensual abilities in the waking life. It also indicates some aspect of communication, think about pun like having a sharp tongue. Usually it’s messages of anger and anxiety. Possibly indicates need to watch your tongue. Also consider if there is anxiety or […]

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Tool, Tools

Objects · Dream Dictionary

Resources, skills or abilities or training. A need to create new direction. A need to repair a situation or relationship. Tool is also slang for penis, so a broken tool could symbolize impotence or sexual anxiety.

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Nature · Dream Dictionary

Emotional turmoil or upheaval or terror. Dreaming of tornado has potential for destruction in your life. Sudden change. Someone who sweeps through life as tornado. Is there something coming in your life with destructive power that you feel powerless about?

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Touch, Touching

Body Parts · Actions, Feelings, Conditions · Dream Dictionary

Making physical or emotional contact or the head to, something you need to get in touch with. Molding or creating with energy. If you deliberately avoid touching someone or something, consider the symbolism of that person or object to determine who or what aspect of yourself, you are avoiding or failing to recognize. Your dream […]

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Places · Buildings · Dream Dictionary

Consider which images are up in, and which are down from, the tower. If you are in the tower looking down, it may symbolize ego inflation, a so called superior position (tower over) from which you have been viewing some person or situation or yourself.Conversely it may signify a lack of self-esteem and wish for […]

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Objects · Dream Dictionary

A playful or immature attitude. Dreaming of toy can symbolize acting without seriousness in your waking life. Something you toy around with. Consider insincerity or a need to play more or have more fun.
See also playing.

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Vehicles · Dream Dictionary

Train as a travel vehicle it symbolizes the present state of your life’s journey or your approach to life. The train station may reflect an attitude about your position in life, tracks reflect a rigid or unchanging pathway through your life. If you move from one car to another, consider each of them as some […]

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Trap, Trapped

Actions, Feelings, Conditions · Dream Dictionary

Being trapped suggests coming up against your own boundaries or limitations. Rigid ways of thinking by which you have boxed yourself in or limited your choices. Consider the symbolism of what or who is trapping you. Being trapped in an abyss suggests attitudes toward mother or women. Trapped or surrounded by mountains may refer to […]

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Nature · Plants · Dream Dictionary

Having a dream about tree or with tree in it signifies your state of psychological or physical health. Your cyclic energy or the process of self-development or individuation. Consider the tree’s condition. Different parts of tree represent different parts of yourself, like for example roots represent heritage, unconscious, branches represent your family, and the […]

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