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Dream Symbol: Tower

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Dream meaning: Tower

TowerConsider which images are up in, and which are down from, the tower. If you are in the tower looking down, it may symbolize ego inflation, a so called superior position (tower over) from which you have been viewing some person or situation or yourself.Conversely it may signify a lack of self-esteem and wish for elevation.
If someone’s in the tower looking down at you, it may signify someone you look up to (a tower of strength). Conversely, it may signify that you secretly think you are better than he or she. Ascent and decent within the tower may symbolize an attempt to bridge the gap between you and God, between the spiritual and the mundane. It may represent the rising or descending of the spirit within you, unconscious ideas coming close to consciousness.
A tower in your dream may symbolize place where our emotions, heart are held captive, place where you are protected from suffering.
See thunder, lightning.

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