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Dream Symbol: Temple

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Dream meaning: Temple

To dream of temple it can refer to your body, as the temple of the soul. Or it can mean the temple of your head.

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1 Personal Dream or Interpretation so far ↓

  • s. k . jha // May 15, 2014 at 3:03 pm

    i had this dream around 10-11am(i slept around 5.30am IST) where
    i , with one of my friend went to some place where one of his relative lives which has a lot of TEMPLES ( though in dream i was sure that this is not india some foreign country with high hindu population)
    Almost each and every house seems to have one temple(not inside home as in india but separate) , my friend enters to his relatives house and me and one more of my friend (who don’t know the other friend in prior) are outside looking around .
    then we happen to find one temple of lord GANESHA outside on the road (seems to be common temple) and we proceed towards it .
    after reaching there i felt like thirsty so started searching for the priest for the help, but no one is inside so i entered in the temple (its not too big just small one but good enough to accomodate 4-5 at a time rest have to stand outside) and as usual there were so many sweets what lord ganesha likes , i found very fresh and cool water and had it then as obvious i thought to take some sweets from there but was in dilemma to pick or not. finally i decided i am in a temple from where you can take prasad and god won’t be angry(but priest might get ) still i took enough of it kept in my SHIRT and came out hurriedly (to avoid priest) but my friend got little greedy so he was taking time while i came out and asked him to come out soon as someone might see him.
    though i came out no body noticed me but my friend gets cought , before moving away i show him hand gesture to follow me in the road which i am taking to reach my another friend and moved on and reached at one place and got a place on iron staircase and reached on first floor of the building and started eating , meanwhile i noticed silence on the street and also no one around in vicinity, amazed by this i continued eating while waiting for my friend to come.
    after sometime i again went back to see why he doesn’t show up till now , i saw him surrounded by the people accusing him for stealing from temple.
    before i could reach and tell those people taking prasadam from temple with or without the knowledge of priest is no crime in gods eye, i woke up…….
    can anyone interpret this?

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