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Dream Symbol: Rock

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Dream meaning: Rock

RockSteadfastness solid personality; the stable or inner house of wisdom, as in the rock that Moses struck which flowed with the water of life; obstacles orstubbornness .

Does the dream relate to a rock hard attitude, or to a situation in which it is hard to move around? Where in your life are you between a rock and hard place? Rocksare slang for diamonds and ice cubes.
A single or especially stinking rock or one that is all that is left after a ravishing fire may symbolize the Self; wholeness.

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1 Personal Dream or Interpretation so far ↓

  • Amy D // Apr 22, 2008 at 6:00 pm

    23rd April 2008

    I dreamt of Saidina Umar, giving me a brown round rock as big as my palm and told me to “cut” and “polish” it. I didnt know how, but as I walked around not knowing what to do, I saw and old man, and stopped to ask him.

    The old man took the rock and throw it in the air, just to the level of his eyes, and the rock dropped to the ground. In broke into a nicely cut pieces and i saw beautiful designs on it.

    Two men came and took most of the pieces from us, and I was left with little pebbles and I took the pebbles and put them in my pockets and went back to see Saidina Umar. I saw the two men, showing off my pieces of beautiful rocks to him, and he told them off.

    I was afraid, but still went ahead and showed him my pebbles. He calmly showed me what these beautiful pebbles could do. He picked up one tiny stone, black and thin, and pushed it inside a big beautiful artwork, and I could see that even a tiny stone can make part of the artwork stand out.

    I woke up.

    I surf the net and found out that Saidina Umar is a warrior who lives during the Prophet Muhammad’s time.

    What I thought of this dream? Maybe because I have frequently ask myself where should I go and where should I start in finding the truth in spirituality. This could be the answer.

    I was given a tool (the rock), and I should go and cut it and polish it (meaning, I should go and seek and learn more about spirituality). Whatever I receive from it, I should just know that the little knowlege is a big part of the real beautiful thing.

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