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Dream Symbol: Court/Courtroom

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Dream meaning: Court/Courtroom

Court Courtroom If you are in court, consider, first, what role you play: judge, attorney, the accused, a witness, a jury members; spectator. It could be related to your ability to make judgments or decisions; aspects of your behavior attitudes you think need defending; some person or situation you need to defend. If you are the criminal or defendant, could this relate to unresolved issues with your parents or other known authority, needing to win? If the plaintiff, is there an issue you would like to complain about and have not? If a witness, is there some waking issue in which you need someone to see it your way, or wherein you think you see the real issue? What is at stake here?


See judge, jury, lawyer, scales of justice.

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1 Personal Dream or Interpretation so far ↓

  • caroline // Apr 17, 2013 at 2:14 pm

    I dreamt I was in court. I had just won custody of my son. Then my lawyer and my ex’s came out and took my son away.

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