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Dream Symbol: Canal

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Dream meaning: Canal

CanalFeminine symbol; the birth canal; passageway; direction; access to inner emotions or goals. How are you progressing along the canal? With ease or difficulty, guided or pulled by someone?

Some believe that dreams in which you are having difficulty traversing a canal reflect memories of your birth experience. Is your creativity momentarily stuck in its birthing?

See vehicle, water, canyon.

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1 Personal Dream or Interpretation so far ↓

  • nora // Jul 23, 2013 at 8:18 am

    I had a dream that there was this bad storm which involved strong strong wind. I was protecting a child and we ran to get shelter like a doorway outside and we held on for dear life. The next thing I know the mother told me that she put the child in her belly to protect it. Then later she said the child died because the tubes got wrapped around the child’s neck.

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