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Dream Symbol: Oar, Oars

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Dream meaning: Oar, Oars

OarIn Freudian symbolic, a phallic symbol, so rowing would symbolize sexual intercourse. Masculine strength dipping into the waters of the feminine; consciousness dipping into intuition or the unconscious; a traditional symbol of creative thought and the cosmic word.


By its action, it can raise awareness or disturb tranquility. It suggests that something is making waves ripples in your awareness, but it is energy or action at work. Consider who is using the oar and the east or difficulty of the action.

A broken oar might reflect limited capacities or handicaps. Are you paddling your own canoe or resting on your oars? Being in a boat without oars suggests you are at mercy of the unconscious or the currents of life; you are not in control.
See sailing, rowing.

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