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Dream Symbol: Candle

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Dream meaning: Candle

CandleEarlier times; individual light of your personality; your personal awareness; life energy; insight; spiritual awareness or knowledge; the soul; the relationship between God and man; reverence; ritual; mystery.

Candles are often used at ceremonies and may, therefore, symbolize relationships; cycles; the passage of time; creating the mood for romance; and past or present romance. Ritually used, they can create the safe, magic circle, which denotes another state of being.

It can reflect feelings of inferiority(can’t hold candle) or too much activity(burning too fast). Unlit candle suggests untapped inner resources. A burnt candle may symbolize lack of awareness; an issues you cannot or do not want to face.

In Freudian terms it is a phallic symbol, so consider how it burns or what you do with the candle. Esoterically the was candle is related to the bees that come from paradise.

See bees, fire, flame, light, sex.

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3 Personal Dreams and Interpretations so far ↓

  • Stephanie // Jan 24, 2014 at 8:25 am

    I had a dream I was in an un-familiar home shutting windows as the rain and wind came through the openings. on the bed mantel and see 6 look and see 6 white candles burning with 3 bees as each wick…… I had a sensation in my dream that it was a message from my deceased Father, but could not interpret the message. Do you know what this could mean?

  • kenneth // Jun 20, 2012 at 12:27 am

    I dreamt I was walking towards a bridge and midway across the bridge I see two lit candles.

    As I cross the bridge to the other side, the one candles flickers and switches off but the other continues burning - please help me to interpret my dream.

  • yvonne // Mar 12, 2012 at 8:52 am

    Hi, I had a dream there was a green in lit candle in front of me. I guess it was supposed to be like a love spell. I had to write the name of a past lover ten times and on top there were two black bugs. I never lit the candle. Could you please help find meaning to my dream?

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