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Dream Symbol: Bread

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Dream meaning: Bread

For a woman to dream of eating bread, denotes that she will be afflicted with children of stubborn will, for whom she will spend many days of useless labor and worry.

To dream of breaking bread with others, indicates an assured competence through life.

To see a lot of impure bread, want and misery will burden the dreamer. If the bread is good and you have access to it, it is a favorable dream.

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1 Personal Dream or Interpretation so far ↓

  • renny12 // Sep 19, 2008 at 1:56 pm

    i had a dream about my ex-boyfriend just last night. He was in collage and was trying to kill himself by cutting his wrists. I was yelling at him through the door to not do it to stop and think about what he’s doing but he was to upset and distorted to listen to me, he had been upset about sumthing but i didn’t know. I yelled and i finally got through into the room he was in and i saw him on the floor almost like he was drunk and laying on the floor. I was holding him and then he got up. He bagan to walk out the room and to a set of stairs the led to the bottom floor, these set of stairs was very familiar beucase they were the same set i had in my old house. at the bottom of the stairs was a huge ocean of dark matalic waters and he was heading right for them, trying to kill himself by drowning, he was also undressed from waist down, all he had was a shirt. I screamed for him to stop and out of no where these people came and grabbed him, they were going to locate him to a hospital, trying to help him but these men had an evil sense to them. I didn’t like it at all how they grabbed him and told him that he was to be hospitialized. He sliped out of their grips and fell into the water, then he began to drownd how ever there was chunks of wood in the water and he grabbed on to one, he began crying again and still with his drunken additude, i swam into the waters right after him trying to reach him, i finally caught a peice of wood and begand to drift right next him i grabbed onto him and then i woke up.

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