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Dream Symbol: Pictures

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Dream meaning: Pictures

Pictures appearing before you in dreams, prognosticate deception and the ill will of contemporaries.

To make a picture, denotes that you will engage in some unremunerative enterprise.

To destroy pictures, means that you will be pardoned for using strenuous means to establish your rights.

To buy them, foretells worthless speculation.

To dream of seeing your likeness in a living tree, appearing and disappearing, denotes that you will be prosperous and seemingly contented, but there will be disappointments in reaching out for companionship and reciprocal understanding of ideas and plans.

To dream of being surrounded with the best efforts of the old and modern masters, denotes that you will have insatiable longings and desires for higher attainments, compared to which present success will seem poverty-stricken and miserable.

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1 Personal Dream or Interpretation so far ↓

  • Jackie // Dec 19, 2009 at 9:16 am

    I dreamt that the man I am seeing was in a tree with an exotic bird, while I was in salt lake city. I was taking pictures of him and the bird. There was also a second tree with a large woodpecker, I took pictures of it also.

    The pictures of the man I am seeing had him, the bird, and anotherand was in the shadows. The picture of the woodpecker was bright and cheerful, with only the bird in it pecking away at the tree.

    my interpretation is that I see my current boyfriend as something I cant have thus, him being out of reach for me by being in this tree. Having the other man I’m interested in show up in the picture only after it is developed shows me that I am overlooking the possiblities with this man. The bird in the pictures being that they are both odd, and unique tells me that I have little knowledge of what my heart wants.

    Having both pictures developed with one being sunny (the one without the men), and one in the shadows. Is a way of telling me that I am frightened of starting a relationship and like being solitary and independant. The sunny picture shows that I may have a better outlook if I had no men in my life. the shadowy pictures may just symbolize that I am afraid of what may be.

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