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Dream Symbol: Movie

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Dream meaning: Movie

movie.jpgViewing a movie in a dream suggests that you are watching an already understood situation. It has been organized and edited; listen to its message.
Viewing a movie in which you have a part may have a meaning similar to that of the double or twins, and may signal that significant material is emerging or ready to emerge from the unconscious. It may represent memories of images or scenes from your past.
Are you watching life pass by, or living vicariously through others actions? Perhaps the feelings or actions expressed in the movie are distant and removed from you, suggesting that you are protecting yourself from experiencing them.
If you are participating in the making of a movie, its story may be dealing with an archetypal theme and offer a message as to where you are in relation to it. Whatever your role, consider all the characters in the movie as personifications of various aspects of yourself.

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1 Personal Dream or Interpretation so far ↓

  • kyle // Apr 4, 2013 at 10:10 am

    I had a dream where an old lady took me to a movie, and suddenly, everyone in the theater was flung into the air, and a huge sea creature was snatching people out of the air eating them. I had lost my breath because i was flung 100 ft in the air and traveling forward very fast. I closed my eyes and relaxed, then realized we were in the movie theater. Everyone had these wires connected to their lower backs, and were shouting and flailing. I was the only one aware that we were in a theater, and were never really anywhere else. I started ripping everyones cords off their backs, when a group of armed soldiers entered the theater, pointing their guns at me. I then somehow escaped, and sat outside the theater on a curb, where a bus with no wheels came. The bus was on some type of magnetic leveling system, suspended above the ground, seemingly hovering. I didnt enter the bus, then when it took off(very fast and reckless) i heard people wailing and screaming inside. I tried to take my phone out to take a video but then woke up. I felt as if this dream was important i cant stop thinking about it

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