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Dream Symbol: Medicine, Medication

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Dream meaning: Medicine, Medication

A concern with taking care of some aspect of yourself, or another; nurturing; getting well physically or psychologically; a situation that’s left a bad taste in your mouth; the need to face to or accept certain situations or consequences that may ultimately lead to more positive results. It may be related to fear about getting, or a wish to give someone, a taste of your own medicine. Is there some situation in your waking life that is a bitter pill or hard to swallow.

See also doctor, nurse.

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  • Ashley // May 23, 2012 at 12:25 pm

    I am never one to remember dreams good or bad. But the other night I dreamed that I awoke with a huge a gaping hole in my face and there was no explanation where it came from. I was just screaming and crying trying to fill the hole with cotton and all these other objects. Anyone have a clue what this dream means?

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