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Dream Symbol: Dancing/Dance

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Dream meaning: Dancing/Dance

DanceSexual activity or needs and wishes. Sensuousness or sensuality; the dance of life, life movement, ecstasy and altered states; celebration. Ritual dances are attempts to evekothe gods or contact the spirit within or spirits without. If your dancing is easy without effort it may mean being in balance and harmony with yourself. If ballet and you are on your toes or in the air, it could suggest an attempt to reach the divine or the spirit;

Ballet in your dream may also indicate you are not well-grounded emotionally; or conversely , that you need to be more on your toes with respect to some situation or relationship.

See also actor,  audience.

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  • Katrina Cagigas // Jun 21, 2007 at 8:10 pm

    Snakes - Colorful snakes esp. with the color gold means luck or money. On the other hand, if its color is boldly black it means, frustration, death, misfortunes, etc…

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