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Dream Symbol: Beating/Beaten/Battered

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Dream meaning: Beating/Beaten/Battered

Beating If replying an actual experience that you are now out of, you are probably reliving the trauma for healing. If not out of the situation, it reflects continuing anxiety.


If not an actual experience, it may reflect concern with a situation, or too many situations all at once in which you feel emotionally battered. Have you been struggling unsuccessfully to resolve some situation in which you feel someone has gotten the better (beaten) of you; or have you been “beaten at your own game”? If you are someone who cannot allow yourself full pleasure with a successful experience, you may need to disguise a recent joy.

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1 Personal Dream or Interpretation so far ↓

  • Resa G // Aug 19, 2011 at 9:15 am

    For 3 nights in a row I’ve had a dream about beating up people. The first dream I beat up this girl I went to middle school with (I’m 22 now) because she was flirting with my boyfriend. The second dream I was defending my daughter from people who were chasing her, but I beat one of the guys up so badly that the 3 other people ran away. The third dream was last night and it was this girl that used to hang out with my group of friends. She’s very promiscuous, so according to her lifestyle, she started feeling up on my friends boyfriend and I punched her in the face - one hit knock out… in the middle of McDonalds!! I used to be a violent person - jumping at any chance to fight - but that was a long time ago (when I was 14-16) and I’m afraid these dreams are going to bring back that attitude…

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