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Dream Symbol: Bear

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Dream meaning: Bear

BearBecause they hibernate, bears can symbolize cycles; birth death awakening motif; power or overpowering (the big as bear); your own cyclic activity or abilities. Is it time for your to awaken into activity, or to hibernate and renew your energy? Mythologically, bears represent mothering – the archetype of the Great Bear. In Greek mythology the bear is associated with Artemis(Roman, Diana,) goddess of the moon and woods(fertility and the unconscious), and was associated with the Virgin Mary in medieval writings.

Bearskins have protective and magical power, hence the fearless Nordic warriors, were originally known as “bearsarks” because of their bearskin shirts.

What “bearish” aspect of yourself do you need to recognize? A s pun, it can refer to something that is “hard to bear”; an overbearing person; a need to bare yourself of your soul (truth/lies)?

See also other animals, naked/ being naked.

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  • mercy // May 30, 2016 at 2:44 am

    I dreamt I gave birth to two bears. First a black or brown bear which was so big and after I gave birth to a spotless white bear. I don’t know the meaning of this dream and it’s really bothering me. I’ve been wishing to have twin boys when I get married and the most scary thing is that my boyfriend was in the dream helping out while I gave birth to those bears and my immediate elder sister helped me give birth to those bears.

  • katie g // Nov 17, 2014 at 5:09 am

    I dream am walking down a road, I see a bear sleeping with dogs, as a cub comes chaseing me I climb a tree and the mom bear I assume chases as well. Am high in the tree screaming for help as they go away. What does this mean

  • candace // Nov 11, 2014 at 5:48 pm

    I’m outside of a cabin near the forest when suddenly there are 3 or 4 brown bear cubs crawling all over me. As I am playing with them, I notice the mother bear watching from a distance. She isn’t threatening and doesnt seem to mind. She just kinda keeps an eye out for them….. then a mountain lion slowly approaches and lays down beside me, observing. Evidently he wants some attention as well because he is on his his back nudging my hand…I never felt any kind of fear or threat. Throughout the entire dream, i was very calm and peaceful, almost like it was the most natural thing in the world…..what could this mean?

  • Beth // May 29, 2014 at 4:38 am

    I had a scary dream where we me and my mom raised a baby bear and when he was grown something set him off and he started Chasing us and killed people that crossed his path - even my dad (I don’t have a dad) The point is that didn’t matter where I ran and drove to, it would find me….. I don’t know if I should be worried because I’ve read about the death or other people experiencing death of a loved one after they’ve had a dream similar to mine.

  • Tara // Sep 7, 2013 at 5:33 pm

    My dream last night was that I was with my son’s aunt in a house on a large property surrounded by woods.

    We look out the window and about 80 feet away we see a very large grizzly bear walking away from us.

    I realize my phone is in her car and I immediately want to grab it so I can get footage of this creature that is not commonly seen in the region where I live.

    Fearless, I open the door and make a run for the car which is about 15 feet away from the door to the house that I was exiting. The bear heard me, turned around and started chasing me. It was so fast! It caught up to me RIGHT in time for me to get inside the car and lock my self in. Then I woke up.

    OBSTACLES IM FACING IN REAL LIFE - Could this contribute and how?

    I am a single mother of three and in the middle of a custody battle with my middle child; my daughter.

    I am dealing with cancer that I have avoided for 2 years and have recently decided to deal with it again and Monday is my first of many procedures.

    I’ve been in love with my best friend for nearly a year and I’ve tried to hide it from him and be patient and wait for him to come to me. I cry almost every night because it teaks my heart and I’ve beaten myself up wondering “what if?” all this time, but out of fear of scaring him or losing him… I’ve kept it to myself. I finally HAD it last night and decided it was both time to tell him I’m in love with him and to also terminate the friendship. He of course, told me he didn’t feel the same but was upset that I couldn’t be his friend any longer. My heart is broken but I’m staying away to keep from getting hurt. THIS event took place last night right before I fell asleep.

    All of these obstacles are causing me a lot f grief and then I have a dream like this. Is there any symbolic meaning? To which obstacle could it pertain to and what is my dream telling me? Someone please comment if you have any advice on this. I’m just going through a lot and am looking for peace and hope anywhere I can find it. :’(

  • Angie // Jul 25, 2013 at 7:09 am

    I dream of bears more often than not. Last night was different. I looked up at the sky to see a full moon. I took my eyes off the sky to see a baby bear headed our way. I was at some sort of out door even with people wearing masks and such. As soon as i saw baby bear i instantly began to look for momma bear. And there she was. I was terrified. Them being brown bears. So i began to run, the baby bear was right behined me…..then followed 2 more baby bears. I began to drop muffins to slow them down. I eventually got ahead of them….always looking to see where momma bear was. The fear i had was insane.

  • Andrew // Jun 30, 2013 at 9:24 am

    I dreamed that I was in some house on some nice property away from the city. Things were going about pretty normally … until i realized that a baby bear cub had gotten into the house and was just walking around like he owned the place.. So I kinda started pacing back and forth..wondering what to do.. and thinking to myself, ” holy crap, where are its parents and are they going to freak out on me if they know their cub got into my house?”

    Then I remember (perhaps in the living room), there was one of those soft, round dog beds that some people have.
    Right next to a sliding glass door.

    The baby bear cub had made himself comfortable and was lying in the dog bed.

    I thought to myself.. “Man, I got to get him out of here before the big ones come looking for it.”.. and then I looked at the bear cub and realized how heavy it would be to just pick up and put it outside… and “if I do pick it up.. are its parents going to smell human on it and harm it? “

    So I start pacing again… trying to think of a way to wrap the bear up in a big blanket without actually touching it with my hands..

    So I finally find a blanket or something like it and I head towards the bear cub..

    I lean down to find a way to wrap the bear up and I notice movement outside the glass doors. I see a large black bear… which I felt was the mother of the cub.

    She looked at me and growled, showed her teeth and did a short “lunge” towards me, but she stayed mostly where she was..

    I freak out, thinking “holy crap, They are going to find a way in to get their cub before I can get it outside”..

    Then I remember seeing another large adult bear outside.. this time a large brown bear…

    So we have the 2 adult bears outside.. Waiting to be reunited with their cub..
    One black and one brown.. and the bear cub which was also a light brown.

    Next thing I remember was saying to the adult bears (in my mind).. “i just want to put it back where it belongs, it snuck into my house and Im trying to get it back to you but I dont know how”….

    The big black bear kinda growled, looked at me… and started laying down and rolling in the dirt and leaves on the ground.

    I took this as her way of saying.. “Ok.. This is your one chance, do what needs to be done”…
    Then I remember opening the glass door…
    Moving to the side.. waiting for the cub to find its way outside…

    Then I woke up.

  • Peggy // Mar 26, 2013 at 8:35 am

    I am a recent widow. I dreamt last night a large bear was at our front door. It was so real that I sat up shaking and looked out our window. Nothing was there. Then I remembered that my husband’s Indian symbol was a bear. It could have been him coming back to his earthly home.

  • Z // Mar 25, 2013 at 7:37 am

    I am at home in my apartment. In the kitchen I hear rustling noises. I think oh great a mouse. I go into the kitchen and under a table an animal is getting larger. It growls and cries as it grows. It begins to search knocking things down. It turns to look at me. It is a bear cub. It reaches out crying wanting to be picked up. All I can think is where is its mother? How did it get in here? If I pick it up will the mother appear and attack me? Shit look at those claws. But I just look at how scared the bear cub is and begin to approach. I wake up.
    I wasn’t afraid of the cub. I felt sorry for it. I could imagine how alone and afraid it must feel. I overlooked the damage it created because I knew it was not done intentionally towards me. It was a result of the situation we were in. I was concerned about the harm to my body but took the risk in order to comfort the animal. It didn’t know better if it harmed me. When I approached I was no longer afraid and intended on picking it up. Soothing it and providing for it.
    I am 35. I desire no marriage or children. I am currently single. I am an educator.

  • edie // Mar 20, 2013 at 10:32 am

    I had a dream where I was with this tall man dressed like in the 1800s. He was leading me to a house full of doors that were easy to open. So I opened the last door and I saw a black bear right in front of the door. So I tred to protect myself with the last second door that I opened, which was a fishnet melt door.
    I closed my eyes and I opened them again and the bear was staring right at me. I was hoping he wouldn’t attack me but he never did.

  • Anita // Mar 18, 2013 at 9:57 am

    Dreamt I was in my grandparent’s house. I was in my grandfather’s bedroom and I looked out the window and I saw a brown bear with its arms wrapped around my 5 year old cousin. We were scared that the bear was going to harm him and my cousin was scared. We started making noise from inside the house to distract the bear so that he’d let my cousin go.
    Later in the dream, I saw that my family had made friends with the bear and it wasn’t dangerous to them but I was still afraid to go outside.

  • Tony // Jul 14, 2012 at 3:28 am

    My Dream- My uncle Henry and myself were standing in the woods. He is holding a compound bow (Henry is obviously hunting) We hear a sound like a tree branch nearby breaking. We look around trying to locate where the sound came from, and I look up and about 40 yards away across a highway is a HUGE Grizzly Bear. The Bear looks Mad and is running very fast Towards us. I yell for my Uncle Henry to look and he sees the bear, and he drops his bow at his feet and looks at me and says “If that bear catches us both of our lives will come to an end” so we both take off running as fast as we could towards some homes that were around 100 yards away we could hear the bear panting and roaring, my uncle hit a burst of speed and pulled a good ways ahead of me I could feel the bear getting closer to me and I had almost made it to the door of one of the homes nearby and I woke up.
    My heart was pounding it was crazy. idk what that was about I have never had dreams of a bear. I used to have recurring dreams of a huge snake but not anymore. What could this mean?

  • Nicky posting for daughter Lexie // Jun 18, 2012 at 5:25 pm

    My 5yr old daughter has this recurring dream about a brown bear eating her head off. And her three friends from school are always with. Her teachers were watching her and then they run over and it’s too late because the bear has already eaten her head off. Then she wakes up and usually comes and tells me she had the dream. I tell her she’s OK and it didn’t happen in real life and she goes back to bed. She’s probably had it three of four times now. If anyone has an interpretation, please me know…

  • lovelife // Apr 19, 2012 at 4:46 am

    I dreamed that a brown bear was in a friend’s old house. My sister an her husband were there. They were trying to help get people out of the storm but while they were helping ppl the big brown bear bit them.. She was scared, but said she was OK. In the dream I couldn’t find my husband but the hole time we were together in the dream. I still don’t know what happened to him.

  • Rick // Mar 24, 2012 at 5:02 pm

    I saw a Momma Bear and Daddy Bear in a neighborhood that I knew but was a little more built up than I was used to - familiar yet new and crowded. They shouldn’t be here. I’m not afraid of them but what are they doing here. I have to stay away from them. I don’t want them here. Went on the rooftops where they couldn’t see me. I decided to throw something from the roof at them, I didn’t want to hurt them but make them go away, hit the mother bear it didn’t phase her. Later on I met with reporters who asked what I saw. Everyone wanted info. No problem they aren’t here now. If I try to understand it myself I think of the song “Let It Be” and it will work out

  • Esperansa // Jan 28, 2012 at 10:19 pm

    Dreamt I was in strange house, not my own w/lots of other people living there too. I live alone w/4dogs in real life. Anyways people are yelling, there is a huge ferocious black bear running rampant through the house. Every room I go into the bear is crashing behind me. The doors to the rooms will not stay closed & I am terrified running w/the others. Finally I wake up.

  • EB // Oct 26, 2011 at 9:01 pm

    Last night:Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

    I had a strange dream last night, being followed by someone who was Native American, who handed me a baby brown bear. We did not speak but only visioned this baby brown bear in my arms. I do not know exactly what it was telling me but I do believe it was sending me a message. Since I am of native American (Cherokee) Heritage as well as Irish and Scottish descent, I firmly believe in what dreams interpret.

    Some think I maybe crazy, but I know that I am not. This is something I strongly believe in, since I was just a little girl. I have also have had two other bizarre dreams reccuring for three days straight. These reoccurring dreams started when I was in elementary school, continuing till now. Maybe it is warning me? Who knows? I may have a spiritual guide, warning me what may happen in the future? I do not know. I still question myself with this everyday. I do not drink beer or smoke cigarettes!! I have not done so in 20 years and I am proud to say that with most respect! This dream isnt involved with criticism but understanding.


    Because they hibernate, bears can symbolize cycles; birth death awakening motif; power or overpowering (the big as bear); your own cyclic activity or abilities. Is it time for your to awaken into activity, or to hibernate and renew your energy? Mythologically, bears represent mothering the archetype of the Great Bear. In Greek mythology the bear is associated with Artemis(Roman, Diana,) goddess of the moon and woods(fertility and the unconscious), and was associated with the Virgin Mary in medieval writings.

    Bearskins have protective and magical power, hence the fearless Nordic warriors, were originally known as bears bark because of their bearskin shirts.

    What bearish aspect of yourself do you need to recognize? A s pun, it can refer to something that is hard to bear; an overbearing person; a need to bare yourself of your soul (truth/lies)?

  • melissa // Oct 21, 2011 at 10:22 am

    I’ve had many dreams of a bear following me since I was young, I couldn’t help but be scared everytime. One time I was in a complicated kind of apartment area ( where I lived at the time) and this big brown bear seemed to find me at every corner I took it was always there following me. and when I got older I still dreamt of bears following me, and me running away scared. In one particular dream I was in a log cabin with my family and my brothers and their families . We had to go to 2 other cabins, I dont remember why. but there were several bears out there I think about 3 or 4 of them. I would distract them so my family could make it to the other smaller cabins and I did this for every trip to these other little cabins. And when we had to go back to the big cabin we started in, I remember that everyone had made it to the Cabin and I was the last one to run to it. As I was running, I tripped and immediately went into crouching position. I was terrified! I remember thinking this is it, it’s going to get me. And it did pounce on me but when I opened my eyes in my dream, the big Bear was just holding me not tight or trying to kill me, it was just holding me in its lap, I was cuddled into it and it’s like it was soothing me. I felt safe. The last time I dreamt of a Bear was when I heard noise outside my front step and opened my door to see what it was. There was a large white bear on all fours in front of my house, I immediately slammed the door, freaked out. Than I peeked through the curtains and it was gone. I never dreamt of bears after that, that I can remember anyway. And now my 8 yr old Daughter dreamt of a bear chasing her last night, and while she slept through the whole night. She remembers being scared. I had to get my kids ready for school or else I would have asked her more about it. But I will be asking her more questions when I get home from work. What do you think this means? could it be our spirit bear, a protector maybe? My mom and aunt have also dreamt of a bear holding on to me on different occasions. And I hadn’t told them about my dreams of my bear encounters.

  • Ivette // Oct 10, 2011 at 7:02 am

    My dream was about a black bear that somehow ended up in my house. The house was my current house yet not? My son and daugher who are now 21 and 20 were younger and were in the house with me. My landlord lived downstairs (which I don’t have a landlord I own my own home) and I can see and hear the bear walking all over my house. I locked myself and my kids in a bedroom and was petrified on how we were going to get out safely. I ended up locking my kids in a bedroom of the house and I opened the window to that bedroom and jumped out about three stories hoping to not get hurt or killed. I knocked on the window of the apartment downstairs and my landlady was shocked to hear that I had a black bear roaming around my house. I was desperate to find a way to get it out and save myself and my two kids. Then I don’t remember how the dream ended? I guess I must have woken up??

  • Solomon // Sep 11, 2011 at 12:50 am

    I was in my garage at night. I open the huge door and look to my left. I see and hear a big black bear growling continuously. I turn to run back in the house through the garage, but I forgot to close the garage door behind me. The bear is chasing me and halfway from the garage to the door that leads into my house, I get my left leg stuck. I can’t move and I’m frightened that the bear will get me. Luckily, my sister was in the doorway and I think she saved me somehow, but I don’t remember how. At that point I woke up.

  • Dusan // Jul 25, 2011 at 5:34 am

    I was dreaming that big female black bear was going through streets and when I saw little children close to her, I was afraid the bear could kill them. But this bear had a nice behavior and it seemed nobody was afraid.
    Then she came to me, and she took me in her arms. I was afraid, but suddenly I realized that she loves me and that I love her too. Then we started to make love and in fact I realized that behind the bear cover it was a woman.

  • Kimberly R. // Jul 13, 2011 at 9:07 pm

    In my dream, it started out where me and my brother were in a class and my land lord was the teacher. She was sending us on a field trip, just me and my brother. Next scene we were in a beautiful forest and our ‘your guide’ was a talking moose, deer, or combo of the two. We stopped and my brother sat down and the deer/moose began grazing. He said we could explore so I began to climb up this small slope.

    The slope/ground was covered in small, reddish-brown, slick, shiny rocks/stones. The rocks were sliding out from beneath me as I tried to climb up so I grabbed onto the closest tree trunk. As the rocks continued to slide down, the deer/moose asked me if I was OK or if I needed help and I said no cause I was going to just go sit down. Well just then I felt the rocks like sinking and I felt like I was going to fall into this huge hole that was there. I felt the rocks move and something was coming out of this hole! I moved my legs over while still holding onto the tree trunk. Out of this hole crawls out a brown near. The bear went a few yards forward ignoring my brother and the deer/moose, and began grazing.

    I carefully and quietly get up and I tapped the deer/moose and told it not to let me get eaten by the bear. Frightened as could be I went and sat next to my brother. I looked up at the bear, it made eye contact and then slowly waddled towards me. I immediately looked away and sat very still. It sniffed my brother swiftly then came over to me sniffing and somewhat circling me. I remembered I had two tootsie roll pops in my right pocket and I didn’t want this to be reason for the bear to attack, so I quickly tossed them behind me…hoping the bear would go eat them and not me, but the bear continued to sniff me. It came around in front of me and laid down on it’s back with it’s head up against my legs and put my hand in it’s mouth and licked it and played with it like my dog does. Frightened, I yanked my hand from it’s mouth and said ‘Nooo’.

    Then the bear said ‘ that was just a sample taste’, then got up and came to my left side and placed it’s mouth over the left side of my head and started licking my ear. I felt no teeth but could hear it breathing and thought I was about to get mauled. I was so fearful I began praying. I may have actually prayed out loud in my sleep, don’t know but during my prayer I was woken by my alarm.

    I would love to know what this symbolizes or means, but I am sure baffled about this.

  • Megan // Mar 24, 2011 at 11:54 pm

    The dream begins with me heading out into the snow to a fallen helicopter. I see men running around frantically and finally I hear one say “Just throw it over the side.” They toss something big and fluffy over the side. I hide and wait for them to leave. Once they are gone I rush over to the side of the mountain where the helicopter is crashed. I look over the side and I see a baby bear. It’s crying and sliding down the hill. I grab a rope and tie it to the copter and slide down the hill to save the baby bear. I pull us back to the top and a horse is waiting for me. I am thankful to see the horse and decide we should get out of there quickly.

    I mount the horse and as I do the bear grows large right in front of me. It’s now full grown. it looks to me and I slide the rope around its neck and we (the horse and I and the bear) take off running. I don’t know where we are headed. The bear lopes easily beside me and the horse. In the distance I see Indians, I feel relieved.

    Then I see a huge dust storm coming ripping trees from the ground and destroying everything. I’m just hoping we can make it to the Indians in time. We reach the Indians and the storm is closing in. They said, “We have been waiting for you guys. Come with us!” And we run to the nearest teepee/barn like home and once inside we go down a tunnel into the ground and the storm rages above us. We are safe and I rested with the bear, actually cuddled with him and I felt secure and the horse stood nearby content. The Indians were happy to see us and they brought us food and water. Telling us we were safe now.

  • Kathy // Feb 22, 2011 at 1:12 pm

    I had a dream my kids and I were separated outside and I had fallen into the snow and was unable to stand. When out of the distance a large brown bear came walking toward me. I was very afraid for my children; I spoke calmly to them and told them to be quiet and move slowly toward the house and to get their dad. The bear continued to walk toward me, when it arrived it sniffed me and laid down next to me like a dog. I was afraid and relieved at the same time and I was worried about how I was going to get to the house and away from the bear. I was hoping my husband would bring his rifle. That was when I woke up.

  • Sarah // Jan 7, 2011 at 8:59 am

    In my dream last night, I came inside the house with my dog, cat, and a wild bear. I think it was younger/smaller, but it was also very sleepy - it curled up in my butterfly chair in my room, and I closed the door and went to sleep in my bed. The “next day” (in my dream), I seemed to realize that I had a wild bear in my house, and my parents and I were trying to figure out what to do - I suggested calling animal control, but no one seemed to be doing anything. I kept closing the door to my room and closing my dog and cat in another room, but the doors kept opening every time I walked past them.

    The bear itself was pretty neutral/friendly/sleepy. I think before it came in the house, I was interacting with it cautiously, but I don’t remember right now. I got the impression that it was young and in hibernation mode.

  • Celine // Jul 17, 2010 at 8:30 am

    I had a dream that my family was having a picnic in a park in a heavily forested area, only it was in the middle of winter. We were celebrating my grandfathers birthday. I was worried about seeing bears from the time I got there, and all of a sudden I spotted 2 or 3 HUGE grizzly bears coming toward us. I saved my little brother from the bears, because he couldn’t control where he was running, and everyone was helping each other, and trying to save pots and pans and bags and whatever food they could. We all left safely, but the bears were tearing up the picnic table and the chairs.

  • Janeen // Jul 7, 2010 at 7:13 pm

    I dreamt me and my dad(who is passed by the way)were living in the woods in a log cabin. A bear kept trying to attack me, but my dad kept fighting the bear off. What’s odd is the bear never was concerned about my dad, he/she was only concerned about attacking me. The bear would back up everytime my dad “shooed him/her away”. But the bear was only looking at me. He never once looked at or tried to attack my father.

  • Rafael // Jun 26, 2010 at 8:47 pm

    I have dreamed of Bears twice - the first time I dreamed of a bear it was a baby Bear.
    The second time I dreamed of a bear was yesterday. I was in some far away different place, like a ancient farm with hills.

    The dream was Good in some way and, Evil. The dream included my father and, the Bear was chasing my father. My father was laughing as the Bear was chasing him. My father came next to me with the Bear right behind him. Then the Bear looked at me and followed my father up some concrete steps. Furthermore on the dream I met up with some people inside of a beautiful home with nice furniture, nice floors, it seamed that the home belonged to some millionaires. I walked through the house and could not find my way around because the house was so big.
    I walked and turned in to some room of the house and bumped into a person. I couldn’t see the face of that person, but the person asked me if I wanted to join them in some religious meeting. I said yes.

    The person took me to some other room, and as soon as I walked in the room there were a bunch of people all gathered up ready for bible study. I remember that another person came up to me and asked me if I wanted a bible. I said yes and the person tossed me the bible in a very harsh and evil way. I got mad and threw the bible at her real hard. She got offended and started saying offensive things to me. I did not give in to her offenses and refused to let her to control me. I then woke up . (WOW) I ‘m trying to figure out what my dream is trying to tell me.

  • Anna // Jun 19, 2010 at 1:05 am

    I had a dream that I woke up to a beautiful sunny morning, and I looked outside my window and I saw a bear walking into the gate of my house, I opened the window and said to the bear “Hey come here!” & the bear walked over to my window, and I opened the window, and I was playing with the bear with a wooden ruler. The bear was actually really cute and seemed fond of the ruler. Then I put the ruler away, and I put my hand out and the bear put its paw on it and started to suck my index finger. I thought it was weird, and so I said “stop” and it stopped. Then I decided it was time to get up and start my morning, so I tried to close the window and ask the bear to leave, but the bear just stuck it’s nose under the window as I tried to close. In the end I got it to close. The whole time the bear seemed very friendly and calm, almost like a pet dog.
    I have no clue what this dream means, does it means I want a more exotic pet?

  • david // Jun 6, 2010 at 1:19 pm

    I had a dream that a bear was chasing me, i ran in my house and saw my two dogs were outside, so I went to get them, I saw them both get mauled thru the window, but then opened the door and they ran in, then I saw them outside again, let them in (while fighting the bear off) and I then had two sets of each dog in the house. the door turned to cardboard boxes, and I could not hold the near off- I turned around and my girlfriend was there, I yelled for her to help but she ignored my as she sat on the couch and read a magazine, then I awoke

  • banana // May 7, 2010 at 8:12 am

    I dreamt that the kitchen was the size of a summer camp mess hall, and a big mama black bear lay on her side in a cuddle puddle of young cubs. A nursing ocean of soft black fur covered the floor and I got stung by the babes a few times as we crawled over their bodies to get to the end of the line. There was no attack, just a clamor.

  • Ronak // May 1, 2010 at 12:20 pm

    I had this dream last night that I am standing on my balcony and suddenly out of the blue, I see that on the opposite terrace there’s a black bear staring at me angrily and growling… I get real scared as I realize he is going to pounce on me… The terrace is hardly any distance from my balcony…. he jumps on me but I jump back and before he could enter the balcony, I realize he could not get in owing to the net on the window… He holds onto the net and gradually enters the neighbouring balcony… He stood there and waited for me..! When I looked outside he started growling again… I threw buckets of water on him… he in turn threw water on me,… and started growling again…. I decided to go up to the top floor where I could jump over him! I reached the top floor and could see him down waiting for me..! I don’t know what happened next…! I guess I just woke up…! But please could someone help me interpret this dream?!

  • Paul // Feb 25, 2010 at 2:26 pm

    Two nights in a row I dreamt about a brown bear. The first night bear was on a leash that I was holding, it was to my right and we were climbing up white marble steps. dream ended.
    The next night, I was with similar brown bear, and it gave birth [found cubs behind the couch] there were four cubs, three had vibrant coloured mouths, red, blue and green the other one was like a cuddly black bear cub

  • Cherrell // Feb 23, 2010 at 6:22 pm

    In my dream I’m standing in a river near a bear. The bear is about 10 or 15 ft away catching salmon. The other bear isn’t in my direct eyeline but I can just see him out of my perephrial view more so I can sense his presence. I get the feeling the bear is a male, and I am a female. There were so many fish and so easy to catch I decided to catch some. As I do so I notice I have become a bear myself and the fish don’t try to get away and even if they do I can grab them very easily.

  • Aces // Jan 2, 2010 at 7:15 pm

    My dream - I was sleeping and in the middle of the night I felt a male bear and its cub calling out to me. I woke up and let the bears in my house. Although the bears were gentle and nice I was terrified of them. So I opened the door to let them out the cub went out and the father stayed behind for a few minutes then it left.

  • linda // Dec 19, 2009 at 1:02 am

    in my dream i just bought a house wit my mother, n theres a pool wit really dark water.. then i see somethin movin in the water i didnt know what it was.. n all of the sudden i see a bunch of bears in the pool and around the pool area.. I freaked out and went runnin to my mother tellin her that there were bears outside.. she was so relax and told me “yes i know”.. like it was nothin
    so im there tellin her we should call the police.. and she says not to because the bears came wit the house..
    Nothin made sense to me.. i kept lookin outside and the bears were just chillin, then i asked her ‘how are we suppost to keep those bears, they are wild animals, they goin to kill us” she just smiled and told me to relax that as long as they were fed they wouldnt hurt anyone…
    anyways in my dream i guess some time passed.. and i realise the bears havent been fed.. n i got really scare so i went all over the house lookin for somethin to feed them.. i started throwin hotdogs at them..i was freakin out cuz the bears got out of control and started poundin on the doors.. they were so big i thought they would break the doors.. im there holdin the door and tryin to close them all up so they cant get in.. but seems like there was always a door open.. no matter how many times i closed a window or door, it was always open.. the funny thing is that im freakin out and my mother was so calm about the whole thing.. i was so confused..
    the bears were brown like the one in this pic… and there was a small polar bear…

    what does this dream mean??

  • Tim // Dec 1, 2009 at 7:20 pm

    The night after the bear dream I dreamed that intentionally picked up a a group of snakes, knowing they would bite me. They did bite me but I didn’t care. I’m not sure what I did with them though. I think i just woke while letting them bite me.

  • Tim // Dec 1, 2009 at 7:13 pm

    Im riding in the back of a golf cart with my dad driving and mom up front. My dad almost runs in to a mother bear and her older cubs. My dad stops and backs up toward the bears, I scream “What are you doing? GOOO!” and we sped away… no chase, no attack, it was a scare but seems neutral.

  • cc // May 15, 2009 at 6:39 pm

    In my dream a big brown bear was chasing me.

  • Dreamdove // Mar 13, 2009 at 7:40 pm

    The bear could symbolize power but it can be positive and negative, depends what you do with that power. Before you were immobilized. The bear enables you to go forward. The bear could also be your totem. I don’t think it was a coincidence that you saw a wild bear the next day.

  • Jill // Sep 20, 2008 at 6:13 am

    This dream that has me puzzled and a little alarmed.
    I am lying in bed and completely immobile, I cannot move. Something black and fluid creeps up the side of the bed, between my legs and enters my body. This has me concerned. I know I am to give birth to a Bear and am quite worried about it but a voice tries to sooth me and says “soon, soon…”
    The dream is quite clear to me. Birth=New adventure or project etc. This doesn’t bother me so much as the symbolism of the bear. To me it represents ferocious destruction. Am I to be the author of my own foolish ruination? Or after reading the above interpretation am I merely coming into a period of personal power?
    An interesting side note, the following day I saw a wild bear for the first time. Not an unusual occurence in my area but an interesting coincidence.

Post your own dream or interpretation